Ciara’s Best Face Serum for Self-Care

Ciara's Clean Swap
Ciara's Clean Swap

Ciara’s Best Face Serum for Self-Care

Check out what Ciara, green beauty blogger at, is using to a conventional product and why!

A Little Bit About Me

I started my blog a few years ago after discovering a cure for my adult acne. I spent my teens and twenties battling acne on a daily basis and had tried just about every product on the market. I was about to give up until one day I came across a Pinterest post on natural acne remedies. I began concocting my own natural skincare remedies at home using kitchen basics such as olive oil, baking soda and oatmeal to make face masks and exfoliating cleansers. Before I knew it, my acne had cleared right up! I was then catapulted into the world of natural cosmetics. Being an advocate for natural skincare, I set up a blog focusing on natural products, healthy lifestyle and eco friendly living. My skin is clear and my complexion is the best it has ever been since making the transition to all-natural skincare!

Ciara’s Concerns: What I Look For In a Face Serum

I always look out for 100% natural oils wherever possible or at least 98% I love antioxidants such as manuka honey, activated charcoal, rosehip oil, argan, prickly pear and many more essential oils and natural remedies. I find if I ever switch back to manmade chemical products my skin breaks out or becomes irritated in some way. My current fave serum is Black Chicken Nocturnalist Night serum. Smalls divine and works a treat.I had been experimenting with The Ordinary’s Hyalauronic Acid serum but it was causing me to get spots.

I loved The Ordinary’s Hyalauronic Acid Serum; Now I love Black Chicken Remedies’ Nocturnalist Night Serum

I adore the luxurious aroma of the serum. It invigorates and relaxes the senses at the same time. It is a comforting and ritualistic experience for me, each night before bed. Self care at its very finest. As a full time mum who works, this is my little pick-me-up for taking the day off. Love it!!!!

Ciara's Clean Swap
Ciara's Clean Swap

Ciara Doran

I am a natural skincare fanatic and I adore nothing more than trying out new natural skincare and makeup brands. I set up my blog after having my first child 4 years ago and I blog passionately about eco friendly, natural and healthy goodies! Do check out my blog and please subscribe to stay in touch!

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