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3 Natural SunCare Products to Protect You From Harmful UV Rays!

Finding the right sunscreen can be a nightmare; on one hand, you want to avoid ingredients like oxybenzone and avobenzone, on the other hand, you want to avoid that pasty white residue all over your body. So what are your options? Take a look at mineral sunscreens, often times referred to natural sunscreens or physical […]

6 ways to Switch to Clean Body Care Products!

  No matter how the media tells us we should feel about the way our bodies look, I think we can all agree that we need to take care of them. Our bodies are our temples, after all! But how do you know which products to use? These 6 body care products are finalists of […]

6 Natural Face Washes You Can Use Every Day!

Washing your face should be a part of your daily routine. Period. Your face goes through a lot, and it needs to be taken care of. After a whole day of weather, accessorizing, and oils from your hands and eats, your face wants to be washed. And it’s hard because your face might need something different from […]

One of These 8 Natural Face Care Products Should be on Your Shopping List

Balms, serums, oils or lotions? Face care products are critical elements in our morning and night time skincare ritual. Especially for makeup lovers, skincare is the best investment when it comes to your beauty routine – a routine that works means that you’re creating the best canvas for yourself to work with! So where to […]

Ditch toxic lead. Here are 6 Clean Lipsticks Your Lips Need and Love!

Ditch toxic lead. Here are 6 Clean Lipsticks Your Lips Need and Love! For a long time, we’ve been hearing “there’s lead in your lipstick” (special thanks to the wonderful Gillian Deacon who wrote a book with that title years ago. Studies are now saying that there are also other heavy metals found in lipsticks – from […]

Your best guide to 6 deodorants – all natural, all organic

Deodorants. They’re one tough product to buy as what works beautifully for you, may not work for your cousin whatsoever. However, one thing is for certain, a deodorant shouldn’t induce any uncomfortable reactions – from redness, bumps, itching … to embarassing odours! Many natural and nontoxic deodorant options were formulated to be gentle on the […]

Stop Putting Salad on Your Eyes, Use One of These Natural Products Instead!

Looking for ways to reduce the puffiness and or dark circles under your eyes? There’s always cucumbers slices which have been used for decades as a proven home remedy. Potato slices too. And a bunch of teas – from black teas to green teas to chamomile teas. And milk and egg whites. ALL of these […]

Shopping Guide: 6 Lip Balms Without Crap Chemicals

Got dry lips? Well, we’ve got two questions for you: Are you a mouth-breather? We ask because breathing through your mouth may give you dry flaky lips as moisture evapourates faster from your lips because of the hot air you’re expelling! Do you lick your lips a lot? Or bite ‘em? Saliva on your lips […]

68 Finalists of 2018’s Clean Beauty Awards Announced

The Global 4th Annual Clean Beauty Awards Announces 68 Finalists What we feed our skin is an important piece of the healthy living puzzle. Some organic face serums fall short when it comes to leaving our skin feeling light and plump, and some natural deodorants just don’t keep us feeling fresh. Well, CertClean, North America’s […]

Meet the Maker: Cynthia Ransom of Good Karma Skincare

When you see what Cynthia creates, what she chooses to work on, and how she chooses to spend her time, you will see that she’s a creative, curious and compassionate soul. We’re lucky to interview Cynthia Ransom, the founder of Good Karma Skincare. As a Traditional Naturopath and holistic practitioner, Cynthia embarked on a new […]