Bid adieu to puffy eyes and dark-circles

Heavy black under-eye circles and puffiness around the eyes is one common concern among men and women of all ages, don’t you agree? All of us conveniently and unknowingly assume it is solely because of the lack of sleep, don’t we? But have you ever noticed that sometimes even when you go to bed early and wake up on time like any disciplined person, you end up having huge under-eye bags?

It is certainly because there are plenty of other triggers for puffiness and dark circles that are not as often discussed. Some of them are:

  •      Allergic reactions
  •      Sunburns
  •      Crying
  •      Diet (imbalanced diet, excessive intake of salt, excess consumption of caffeine)
  •      Lifestyle choices (excessive drinking, smoking etc.)
  •      Stress/ Fatigue
  •      Genetics
  •      Hormonal imbalances
  •      Skincare products with crap-chemicals

While some of these require medical attention most of these can easily be gotten rid of by eating healthy, being hydrated and using some awesome natural, chemical-free skincare products!

While there are umpteen products available in the drugstores to combat dark circles and puffiness, most of them may be loaded with unnecessary chemicals that might worsen the situation. You can look to EWG to find the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to chemicals in personal care products.

EWG (Environmental Working Group), since 1993, has been tracking chemical safety and has done a lot of work to call out harmful chemicals, and the companies that choose to use these chemicals. In 2004, EWG launched its Skin Deep Database, or commonly known as the Cosmetics Database, a safety rating database for probably the vastest range of products and ingredients on the market today; now, a go-to resource for many health-conscious shoppers.  In 2015, EWG launched the EWG Verified mark to both drive companies to formulate healthier and safer products, but to also elevate the brands that consciously choose to formulate without EWG’s chemicals of concern.

For example, there is EWG verified Peptide Line Diminishing Eye Gel by Parisian’s Pure Indulgence.

When you find a product with the EWG Verified mark (and or other seals of approval), you can then see what people say about the product’s performance on PurPicks:


I recently started using this eye gel for my “tired” looking eyes. I have very sensitive skin and have to be very careful what i use. One very expensive dermatologist advised brand caused me to have increased redness.. another caused me to swell. So with caution, I tried this gel. I was amazed at how great it works. I am now on my second purchase of it. It feels cooling when applied and a little goes a long way. My eyes look more refreshed, less puffy and younger. I definitely recommend.


The Eye-Gel is also in the running for winning the ‘Best Eye Care Product’ title in Clean Beauty Awards, 2018 by CertClean.

Special kudos to Parisian’s Pure Indulgence for not only making products with healthier formulations but also making products that work!


What is your seal of approval of choice? Do you have crazy under-eye bags and puffy eyes? What’s the one remedy that has worked the best for you? Let us know in the comments section below! For all you know, your remedy might work wonders for someone else as well 🙂





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