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Meet the Maker: Elaine Becker from Alighten Skincare

What makes your heart smile? I love the freshness and sunshine of Spring in Colorado. My family and I feel so much happiness spending time in some of our favorite mountain towns, like Vail and Aspen. We enjoy the crispness and lush green beauty and the friendly people. It makes my heart smile to walk […]

Meet the Maker: Elaine Li from Iremia Skincare

What makes your heart smile? Every morning when I head out for my run, I look up and am so thankful for everything I see. We are surrounded by clean air (especially in the morning)  and it’s something I don’t take for granted. Watching my kids play also puts a huge smile in my heart […]

Test posting #4

This time it’s to test the log-in feature combined. Seems the log-in progress is accessible to the users on user list, but not open for subscribers. Let’s see what info it shows as after I have logged in. Also I uploaded an image; not sure what it does but we’ll see. The editing window doesn’t […]

12 skin and bodycare MUST-HAVES for this summer!

Weather alert has it, it’s officially going to start feeling like the lovely sweaty weather that we have all been waiting for! What that means is, now is the right time to get your entire summer wardrobe out and also switch up your skincare products. Why should you switch your skincare routine you ask?! Here’s […]

CertClean’s Clean Beauty Awards Winners of 2018

Hello, to our awesome readers, We are super excited to present to you the winners of the Clean Beauty Awards 2018, we hope you are equally excited to know who these winners are, and also buy, try, test some of these awesome products! What is the Clean Beauty Awards? Started in 2015, the Clean Beauty […]

Top clean makeup products that are also GLUTEN-FREE!

Finding products that are gluten-free could be a harrowing task, don’t you agree?We hear ya, and so we created a list of some gluten friendly makeup products that have been tried, tested and approved by experts in the Clean Beauty industry.Here’s a complete rundown of gluten free products that WORK! What is neat about this […]