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Why this blue body cream from Vancouver brand Flora’s bare won a 2021 Clean Beauty Award

A container of Flora’s bare Bare Romance Body Cream surrounded by purple rose petals.

Flora's Bare Romance Cream

With more than 60 years of combined experience as estheticians, Sarah Haaf and Dawn Wilkinson bring impressive expertise to their hand-crafted natural skincare line Flora’s bare. Inspired by the goddess of spring, Flora’s bare is aptly named, reflecting the minimal, eco-friendly packaging and clean formulas with no chemicals or fillers.

Haaf and Wilkinson have worked in high-end spas all over the world, including Los Angeles, New York and Seattle, U.S.A.; London, U.K.; Sydney, Australia and across oceans aboard cruise ships. “We have worked with literally hundreds of different skincare lines and worked on thousands of different complexions,” says the duo.

After many years of using other people’s products, Haaf and Wilkinson became frustrated with the number of chemicals present in many skincare products—not to mention the excess packaging. With three teenage daughters between them, the Flora’s bare founders looked at what their daughters were putting on their faces and decided to create products that weren’t rife with harmful chemicals and that weren’t packaged in plastic.

We spoke with Haaf and Wilkonson about their Bare Romance Body Cream, winner of the CertClean 2021 Clean Beauty Award in the BodyCare category.

Why do you think your Bare Romance Body Cream was chosen as the winner?

Bare Romance Body Cream was chosen as a winner because it is truly unique. It has a beautiful blue colour, created by antioxidant and mineral-rich blue spirulina and a romantic scent, which will leave your senses reeling. Plus, skin feels radiant and dewy after you’ve applied it. We called it romantic for a reason. Be prepared to have people stop you and ask what you’re wearing! There’s nothing like it!

Why did you create this product? What need were you fulfilling?

We created this body cream with luxury and richness in mind. We wanted to obtain a nourishing textured cream that would blend into the skin without feeling too greasy with a complex, luxurious scent. We wanted to create something that was a pleasure to use, would feel silky smooth and that would actually relieve dry skin, a need that many women have asked for. With, of course, zero chemicals! When you are applying a cream everyday to your body, you really want to ensure it is natural.

Would you say this is your best-selling product? If not, what is and why?

Bare Romance Body Cream is definitely one of our best-selling products! It started as a Christmas special but it was so popular and so many people became obsessed with it that we decided to continue making it! We also work with a lot of people with sensitive, reactive skin so we created a soothing line which is another one of our best sellers. Our Bare Soothing Cream is our top moisturizer as it really works on irritated skin. Also top-sellers are our anti-aging Bare Co-enzyme Q10 & Goji berry Serum ****and our unique Bare Ylang Ylang Face Scrub, which was also a finalist with CertClean!

What are the ingredients of this product and what do they do?

We carefully selected ingredients for the Bare Romance Body Cream that would work cohesively together. We started with a rich base of shea butter and a little cetyl to help keep that lovely thick texture. We then chose cocoa butter to give a light chocolatey scent and for its ability to nourish dry skin by leaving a protecting layer. Baobab oil, a favourite, is highly moisturizing and instantly nourishes the skin with its high content of vitamin E, A, C, D and F. Babassu oil helps lighten the cream a little with its lightweight texture and it’s packed with antioxidants. Squalene oil gives it a lovely silky slip instead of nasty silicones! And finally blue spirulina for its high mineral content and lovely natural blue colouring.

The scent was obtained by carefully layering warm spicy base notes of sandalwood, patchouli and benzoin with a citrus top note and a mid-layer of flowery rose absolute. It’s a subtle, soft and sumptuous scent, leaving you feeling layered in luxury and highy nourished.

What does winning this award mean to you?

We were thrilled to win this award. It means so much to us as it’s a clean beauty award! And this is more important to us than anything. We appreciate all the hard work CertClean does to maintain green brands in this industry and for us to be recognized as number one and a runner-up with two of our products was so exciting.

Why is being a clean beauty brand important?

Being a clean beauty brand is important because in our minds there really is no other way forward. For the health of our bodies and the safety of our planet we have to strive to change the beauty industry. And to be totally honest our products really work! As soon as we took all the chemicals out of products we saw exceptional results, our clients’ skin changed for the better and we are continuously seeing that now. The old myth of ‘natural doesn’t work’ is NOT true, watch as your skin thanks you for being clean and green!

What’s next for your brand?

We would like to expand into more spas. We already have several in Vancouver, as our treatments are amazing and compliment the skincare line. We are continuously on the lookout for new effective and active green ingredients, and for ways to better our products while staying clean.

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CertClean Logo

Host of the Clean Beauty Awards

CertClean is North America’s leading certification for safer beauty and personal care products. Learn more about the certification here!

Every year, CertClean hosts the Clean Beauty Awards, where the best in clean beauty is determined by an esteemed panel of judges worldwide!


Your definitive guide to 2021’s best clean beauty products from around the world

The winners of the 6th annual Clean Beauty Awards, organized by CertClean, have been announced. Chosen from more than 450 products by 146 beauty expert judges, these toxin-free beauty products represent the best performing options in their categories. Looking for the best natural shampoo, natural moisturizer or natural makeup? You’ll find them here among many other categories, including face masks, body scrubs, beard care and suncare products.

Face Products:


First Place: Night Cream – Alitura

Second Place: Hydrating Face Cream – Birch Babe

Third Place: Aga-Glow™ Capsule Cream – Ku:s beauty



First Place: Klayzyme Mask – The Better Skin Co. 

Second Place: Sleeping Beauty Purifying Mousse – Sleep Mask – Edible Beauty Australia

Third Place: poreRefining Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Glacial Facial Mask – Alaska Glacial Essentials Skincare



First Place: Beauty Oil – Plaine Products 

Second Place: Hydrate & Glow Face Oil – AYSWE

Third Place: Penny Lane Organics – Facial Serum Oil



First Place: Certified Organic Exfoliating Face Scrub – Viking Beauty Secrets 

Second Place: Super Acai Exfoliator – Eco By Sonya Driver

Third Place: Complexion Polish – Black Chicken Remedies



First Place: Power Trip Facial Serum – Veriphy Skincare

Second Place: Superfood Elixir – KPS Essentials

Third Place: Reviving Rose Infusion Serum – AROMATICA



First Place: Cleansing Face Wash – Organic Works 

Second Place: The Clean Slate – Caldera + Lab

Third Place: Face Wash – Carina Organics



First Place: CellProof® Eye Cream – Modere

Second Place: Ora Eye Contour – Zorah Biocosmétiques 

Third Place: Phytofuse Renew Resveratrol Eye Cream – INIKA organic



First Place: Minimalist Clarifying Willow Bark – Pure + Simple’s Minimalist Brand

Second Place: Flower Berry Essence – Marina Miracle 

Third Place: Exfoliate Glycolic Acid Toner – Pestle & Mortar



First Place: Be Local Lip Balm – Lowen’s Natural Skincare

Second Place: Lip Restore  Dianne Caine Australia

Third Place:  Lip Almighty Nutty Milk – YULIP


Body Products:


First Place: Bare Romance Body Cream – Flora’s Bare Skincare

Second Place:  Sage Nail Balm – Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm

Third Place:  Luxury Body Oil with Mangosteen – jo Browne



First Place: Thinksport Body Wash – Aloe + Tea Leaves – THINK

Second Place: Rhythm Jun Kombucha Soap – Ginger Michelle Apothecary

Third Place: Artisan All Natural Soap – Lemongrass – JustBirch



First Place: Coconut + Sugar Body Polish – Coconut Tree

Second Place: Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub – Eco by Sonya Driver

Third Place: Peppermint & Dandelion Body Scrub – Leaf People



First Place: Respiration Relief Bath Fizz – Kaelen Harwell

Second Place: Uplifting Bath Fizz – Kaelen Harwell

Third Place: The Hive Bath Bomb – PhilanthroBee Skincare



First Place: SPF30+ Face Cream – Moor Spa

Second Place: 100 Suncream – Dr. Orga 

Third Place: 100% mineral Sunscreen – Birch Babe 



First Place: Natural Deodorant – Sunshine Lime – Ultrella

Second Place: Bergamot & Cedar Deodorant (Bicarb Free) – B.BOLD

Third Place: Calm Deodorant – Dom’s Deodorant



First Place: Tribune Bay natural eau de parfum – Wild Coast Perfumery

Second Place: Midnight Ruze – Váhy

Third Place: Luna – Váhy


Hair Products:


First Place: Detoxifying & Deodorizing Shampoo – Sootsoap Supply Co. Ltd

Second Place: Mekabu Hydrating Shampoo – MASAMI

Third Place: Vibrant + Violet Purple Perfecting Shampoo – Flourish Beauty Lab



First Place: Organic Golden Jojoba Oil – Kaelen Harwell

Second Place: Beautiful Curls Curl Defining Creme – Lyla Naturals

Third Place: Triple Treat tonic – PUUR Ingrid



First Place: Sandalwood & Cypress Complete Face + Beard Oil – Leaf People

Second Place: Beard Oil – Pure Heart Essentials

Third Place: Super Soft Leave In Beard Conditioner – Mammoth Beard Co.




First Place: Eye Jewels – dome BEAUTY

Second Place: ART Shadow – MisMacK Clean Cosmetics

Third Place: SUITE Eyeshadow Palette in Sweet Canyon – Hynt Beauty



First Place: Natural Eye Liner – Espresso – Farmer’s Daughter Natural Beauty Products 

Second Place: All Natural Eyeliner Pencil – MarieNatie Cosmetics

Third Place: FORTE High Definition Eye Liner – Hynt Beauty



First Place: am11 – YULIP 

Second Place:  Moisture Locking Lipstick – Patty Mae – MisMacK Clean Cosmetics

Third Place: Hyperreal Lipstick – Kester Black



First Place: Magnetic Mascara – dome BEAUTY 

Second Place: Long Lash Vegan Mascara – INIKA Organic

Third Place: Vegan Lash + Brow Serum – Pickle’s Potions



First Place: Cuticle Oil Freesia – Sienna Byron Bay

Second Place: Miracle Treatment Base Coat – Kester Black

Third Place: Nail Polish – Sienna Byron Bay

Keep this list as your shopping list for the year and beyond. Share this to family and friends who are transitioning into clean beauty products to help conquer the hesitation. Interested to learn more about the clean beauty brands that stand behind their product performance? See the participants, finalists and winners of the prestigious Clean Beauty Awards hereLooking for more clean beauty inspiration? Follow these green beauty influencers for product reviews and recommendations – ones based in the USA, Canada or Europe!

CertClean Logo

Host of the Clean Beauty Awards

CertClean is North America’s leading certification for safer beauty and personal care products. Learn more about the certification here!

Every year, CertClean hosts the Clean Beauty Awards, where the best in clean beauty is determined by an esteemed panel of judges worldwide!


Top 25+ Green Influencers to Follow in Canada

Hero Image - Green beauty influencers to follow - based in Canada

Green living influencers abound on social media but finding influencers whose preferences and values match yours can be tricky. Then there is geography. Live in Canada? We’ve got your list right here. From well-known authors to green beauty to healthy living advocates, these top eco influencers share lifestyle & beauty tips on how to live and eat healthier.

Follow these 25+ green influencers in Canada.

Adria Vasil

Adria Vasil is the bestselling author of the Ecoholic book series and a longtime environmental journalist.

Andrea Kraj

Dr. Andrea Kraj is a revolutionary leader in developing virtual power plants using microgrid renewable energy and storage systems. She is a practicing professional engineer and CEO of CORE Renewable Energy, specialized in Intelligent Energy Systems and Smart Grid Technology. Dr. Kraj is passionate about community renewable energy, smart cities, smart grid, remote power systems, energy policy and sustainability, and clean beauty! Dr. Kraj created and hosts the Fempower podcast with the intention of celebrating women, specifically focused on representing women in the T.E.A.M.S. fields of Technology, Trades, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Arts, Athletics, Mathematics, Science and Spirituality to empower and inspire others. Learn more about Dr. Andrea Kraj here.

Angie Lalonde

Angie’s been studying DIY skincare & aromatherapy for almost 2 decades. She also has a passion for blogging & testing new clean skincare. Marveled by the miracles in plants. She loves studying every unique ingredient. Her skin changes like the seasons. Dry in winter months, oily during the summer. Requiring her to try new products throughout the year. She spoils her hair often with rich carrier oil treatments. Giving her thin mane natural boosts of love. Follow Angie on Instagram @whippedgreengirl or check out her resourceful website for DIY skincare, CBD wellness and clean skincare

Ariana Soomro

Ariana is a Beauty Expert and a lifestyle blogger who loves using effective beauty products from passionate brands looking to change the world of beauty in a positive way. She’s well-known for her beauty expertise and tips as she has tried and tested over 100’s of products from around the world, including but not limited to Canada, US, UK, Sweden, France, South Korea & Middle East, from different categories; like skincare, haircare, makeup, bodycare, and fragrances. After being a mom, her attention diverted even more to using clean, and all-natural products. She believes in spreading the love for best products and brands as they deserve the recognition via her Instagram (@thetiltedumbrella) and her blog.

Caitie Anisman-Reiner

Caitie is a health and beauty writer and long-time clean beauty advocate. She’s the voice behind Naturalla Beauty, a beauty and lifestyle blog that showcases clean beauty bests and offers easy tips for making healthier product choices. She’s passionate that natural products don’t have to break the bank, and loves helping people find healthy and effective options to suit any budget.

Chelsea Schreiner

Chelsea is a Virtual Wellness Consultant, Functional Medicine Practitioner and former ND. She is the creator of Joyful Body Method, which uses functional medicine, and a step-by-step, customized approach to address physical and energetic blocks, while promoting detox on a cellular, emotional and energetic level.

Cynthia Dupuis

Cynthia is a skincare and bodycare enthusiast. She also enjoys aromatherapy and makeup. She has 10+ years of experience in the Cosmetic Industry and love to review her experience on her page.

Diana Loze

Diana is always on the hunt for clean beauty and household products, and loves sharing her finds with her friends, clients and social media audience. By day she is a Colon Hydrotherapist and Holistic Nutritionist, and by night (and weekends) she is a ‘tryer’ – always trying new recipes, new products, new habits. She has thick, naturally curly hair which always needs a bit of extra TLC, and as a former Rosacea sufferer, she knows the value of good, clean skincare.

Elena Sikorski

Elena, a holistic nutritionist and a certified baby sleep specialist, is the creator of well bebe, a site supporting parents in their journey through the first few years of their babies life. Follow Elena for tips about eat, play, sleep and products for all things baby.

Elizabeth Teo

Elizabeth is a Chinese American and Canadian environmental educator that shares easy lifestyle changes that everyone can make. The journey to sustainability is not about perfection! Elizabeth has been featured in Vogue, the City of Toronto and the City of Brampton for her work in the environment. Follow her for tips on zerowaste living.

Emily von Euw

Emily von Euw (pronouns: they/them/their) is an award winning vegan food blogger and best selling cookbook author. Em’s blog, This Rawsome Vegan Life, and Instagram, @thisrawsomeveganlife, are sources for plant-based recipes and inspiration for easy living. Em is queer, non-binary, and passionate about Nature, minimalism, mindfulness and joy!

Emily Elliot

Emily is a nutritional herbalist and yoga teacher. Emily is devoted to soulful living, green choices and finding the joy in every single day. She has had a passion for make up and skin care since a young age and loves discovering the very best clean products out there

Jacqueline Parker

Jacqueline Parker is a professional makeup artist, hairstylist, educator, and consultant in Vancouver, Canada. Jacqueline has 11 years of experience in the industry, 8 being in clean beauty. Jacqueline is passionate about sustainability and educating on lowering your beauty carbon footprint. Follow Jacqueline on Instagram for professional makeup, hair styling, and skincare inspiration and education.

Jen Smith

Jen is the editor-in-chief of EcoParent magazine, a green living publication that helps parents live their best lives yet! When she’s not working, you can find Jen in the garden, pretending she can knit, or hiding out with a bag of salt and vinegar chips. Follow @EcoParent on Instagram for tips on how to make healthier and greener lifestyle choices.

Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown (nee Santonato) is an author and speaker based in New York City, recently transplanted from Toronto, Canada. A former raw food chef and personal trainer, she seeks out beauty and skincare products that help her combination skin have an extra glow as she approaches her 40s. She has straight hair that needs extra care as she continues to grow it past her mid-back and plans to keep seeing her hairstylist for balayage throughout the seasons. Follow Jessica on Instagram and Medium for clean beauty, following your bliss and having a healthy mindset.

Jodi Weir

Jodi is a technical writer and blogger in Montreal. Her blog focuses on cruelty-free beauty and skincare, with a special focus on sensitive skin, and taming her wavy hair.

Joelle Beauchamp

Joelle (aka Joey’s Plate) is a vegan blogger & recipe developer based in the Canadian rockies. She specializes in healthy & natural ingredients, whether in dishes or homemade skincare products she shares on her website and across social media. She is also a professional photographer, food stylist and herbal medicine student.

Kathrin Brunner

Kathrin Brunner is a Toronto-based nutritionist, health educator and movement teacher. She has a passion for holistic living and loves to share that in the clinic, the classroom and the studio. Kathrin is an instructor at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition and a certified yoga and pilates teacher. She is the co-owner of For the Love of Body and runs interactive workshops and events with an emphasis on health and sustainability.

Lauren Naderi

Lauren is a certified Holistic Nutritionist that’s specializes in women’s health. She is passionate about finding the root cause of her clients’ hormonal imbalances and healing them using delicious food, targeted supplementation and impactful lifestyle changes – including ditching the harmful toxins that are part of so many daily routines.

Lucy D’Andrea

CPA Auditor by day, with a passion for beauty, haircare, and skincare, this Canadian skinfluencer is excited to share what’s new in beauty every chance she gets!

Makayla Dewit

Makayla is a plant-based holistic nutritionist based in Kingston, ON. She loves to share recipes and tips on sustainable, clean living on her online platform, Naturally Makayla.

Megan te Boekhorst

Megan is a certified life coach, therapeutic art coach, and fierce mental health advocate. Megan is dedicated to improving the mental health of her community locally and globally. She’s all about living mindfully, building community, and growing together. Megan believes in the power of skin-care rituals to help release stress at the end of the day, and those rituals start with clean products. Follow Megan for tips on skincare as well as mental health and mindfulness.

Natalie Milakara

Natalie Milakara is an ethical luxury blogger based out of Toronto, Canada. After cutting her teeth in the fast-paced fashion, marketing, and technology industries, she realized that something profound was missing: Ethics and empathy were treated as an afterthought, and not as part of the process. Natalie realized that if she wanted to see a change in the world, she would need to start with herself first. After conquering her introverted ways, she began publishing content and videos about balancing the desire for quality while supporting a conscious lifestyle. The Purist Life is an open dialogue of her journey into ethical luxury, sustainability, and botanical-focused cruelty-free vegan beauty.

Sarah Jay

Sarah Jay is a Toronto-based fashion stylist, sustainability consultant, and cosmetic researcher. She is also the originator of the documentary film, TOXIC BEAUTY. Sarah suffers from extreme multiple chemical sensitivity and is passionate about debunking beauty industry myths that perpetuate toxic ideals and toxic products. She has proudly healed her cystic acne with diet after years of needlessly avoiding oils and serums and destroying her microbiome with oral and topical prescription drugs. She now has combination skin and takes sun care and moisturizing very seriously. Follow Sarah on Instagram at @sarahjaystyle, and @AllEarthlingsOrg – an organization addressing the covert use of shark squalane in cosmetics, and working to ensure SHARKless makeup, not a SHARKless world.

Taylor Doucette

Taylor is the writer behind When I’m Older, a fashion and beauty blog based out of Edmonton that loves to highlight clean beauty and skincare and sustainability initiatives that companies are currently undertaking! When she is not writing for her blog, she is either studying for her MBA or hanging with her favorite Goldendoodle, Oakley. Follow @WhenI’mOlderBlog on Instagram for style and beauty inspirations!

Tiara Jackle

Tiara Jackle (she/her) is a content creator from Saskatoon, Canada. She is passionate about sustainability and acting responsibly to try and lessen her ecologic footprint. She has a Bachelor of Science in Renewable Resource Management with Great Distinction and a Certificate in Sustainability. She loves to try out clean, local brands that help her combination skin and straight hair. Follow Tiara for sustainable beauty, skincare and lifestyle posts.

Tina Maalaoui

Tina is a vitality ambassador for over 10 years now. Growing as a sick child, she chose to take action and eliminate products and ingredients that do not nourish her body. Today she is a keynote in vitality. In 2019, she opened her wellness boutique where she host several well-being events. ‘My body is my temple’ is a sentence that you will hear her use often. Everywhere she goes, Tina is happy to speak about wellness – from television shows to radio to her social media platforms. Tina is also an actress, singer and performer.

Vanessa Grant

Vanessa loves the anticipation and possibilities that come with trying new beauty products and even after years of writing about beauty, still gets a thrill from reading the directions on shampoo bottles and moisturizers. She has dry skin and thick, curly hair. Vanessa is a writer, content marketer and lifestyle editor. She has written for many of Canada’s best known publications, including FASHION, Flare, Style at Home and Parents Canada.

Vanessa Torres


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by | (

Vanessa is a beauty and skincare influencer from Montreal, Canada. She loves her makeup but realized from working with so much make-up, putting it on, taking it off several times a day started to have consequences for her skin. She struggled with breakouts, dry patches and overall irritation.  So she decided to focus on creating a flawless canvas instead; she shifted her focus from covering up her skin with foundations and concealers to better caring for it and to be able to show off her natural skin. Follow her on Instagram to see the products – from conventional to green beauty – she recommends.

Who do you follow on social media? Do share in the comments below – we look forward to expanding this list. Many of the above green beauty advocates have been on the judging panel for the annual Clean Beauty Awards, organized by CertClean. If you’re looking for some clean beauty product inspo –  see this epic list of the best award-winning clean beauty products in the industry.

New Luxurious and Affordable Clean Beauty Brand – PUUR Ingrid

PUUR Ingrid - Squalane Absolute with box


PUUR Ingrid is a clean beauty brand focused on “getting it right” in the clean beauty sector. With products free of harmful toxins, PUUR Ingrid is devoted to achieving healthy, happy skin in the purest and most honest way. All of their products are proudly vegan and cruelty free, with no artificial fragrance, and certified by CertClean – North America’s leading certification for safer skincare.

PUUR Ingrid manufactures their natural skincare in small batches through their Calgary laboratory so products are as fresh as possible when they get to your doorstep. Their belief is that owning the research and production process is part of the pleasure of creation.

PUUR Ingrid formulates each product three to six times, adjusting until the results are right. Then, they test products for stability and efficacy. Once proven effective, PUUR Ingrid applies for certifications with entities like EWG, CertClean, and Leaping Bunny prior to releasing to the market – bigger companies don’t do this until after the product hits the market, which can lead to recalls. PUUR Ingrid’s strict process takes ten to twenty months to ensure products are 100% ready to hit the shelves.

The brand is already becoming a fan favourite – “Quite frankly, they got it right. Truly, they’ve zeroed in on a star ingredient “SQUALANE” and created an entire line based on it.” says Whipped Green Girl, Taylor from When I’m older agrees “Squalane is that new magic ingredient. And my skin absolutely loves it”, and Mama Ash weighs in on PUUR Ingrid’s Squalene Absolute, I think this is a must-have for all my beauty junkies out there. I am savouring every drop as I find this to be a very special product and it’s priced very well at $24.95″.

To dig deeper into PUUR Ingrid and Squalane, we interviewed Ingrid, the visionary behind this beautiful clean beauty collection.

What inspired you to start PUUR Ingrid?

PUUR Ingrid started from my passion for health and background in pharmacy. After seeing so many big companies making false claims about their products, I felt change was necessary. So I created clean, honest products that give real results. 

How is PUUR Ingrid different than other brands? What makes PUUR Ingrid different or special?

The emphasis on results is crucial. Every ingredient in PUUR Ingrid products has a function, or as some like to call it, an active ingredient. There are no fillers or unnecessary additives, unlike some larger brands whose products contain only a few active ingredients with the rest being fillers. Our ingredients have proven efficacy, meaning 100% of what you’re putting on your skin and hair is there for a reason. 

Why did you get the CertClean certification?

With the focus on honest, clean, and intentional products, I wanted to make it easier for the consumer to trust what they’re buying. So I applied for the CertClean certification, knowing that the regulations on cosmetics aren’t that strict and confusing ingredient names can make it hard for consumers to know exactly what they’re buying. 

With CertClean, consumers know that a product is formulated without harmful ingredients. It’s important to us at PUUR Ingrid to provide a label of transparency so people don’t have to worry about what they’re putting on their skin.

Why are your products already so well loved? Everyone is talking about Squalane now – tell us more about it.

Speaking of transparent ingredients, we love using ingredients that are multitaskers, too. A single, clean ingredient with multiple benefits is what we look for. This helps us reduce the amount of ingredients without sacrificing efficacy. A shorter ingredient list is easier for consumers to digest and also kinder to skin sensitivities. You can learn more about our “less is more” philosophy on our blog.

Using multitasking ingredients is also what allows our products to be used by various skin types and skin conditions. One of our favourite ingredients is Squalane oil. Our squalane comes from 100% plant-based, renewable sugarcane that is bio-fermented to create a highly stable, totally sustainable, and eco-friendly oil. 

Squalane is great because it mimics your skin’s own moisture, making it easily absorbent and ultra hydrating. It’s more hydrating than any other oil and feels so soft; I can recommend this to everyone. Squalane also visibly plumps while minimizing signs of redness and irritation. Its multitasking abilities are why we use squalene in many of our products. 

For those looking for natural skincare products, what tips do you have for them?  

For those looking for effective natural skincare, my biggest piece of advice is to look for certified products. A company can advertise a product as being natural, however it still contains loads of chemicals. Yet because the product contains water, it can be labeled natural. 

I also recommend giving yourself time to get used to a different feel or scent. Remember the last time you walked into the cosmetics store and tried out some of their products? I’ll bet one of the main reasons you bought something is the scent. We’ve been led to believe that when a product smells nice, it has to be good. That’s not true. What happens is you take this new product home only to discover you’re allergic to the fragrance after repeated use. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that these fragrances are often used to cover up the smell of another ingredient. There are more than 1,200 ingredients banned by the US and EU that still make it into your skincare products. Yikes.

Educating yourself and doing some research can help you make better decisions in buying products that will actually do some good for your skin and don’t contain anything from the banned ingredient list. Familiarizing yourself with clean beauty organizations and certifications helps you understand a brand’s products so you can purchase items you feel good about. 


Thank you Ingrid for sharing your insights and creating a beautiful brand for us to enjoy! 

Visit PUUR Ingrid’s store or follow them on Instagram

What are your thoughts on this company?

CertClean Logo

Host of the Clean Beauty Awards

CertClean is North America’s leading certification for safer beauty and personal care products. Learn more about the certification here!

Every year, CertClean hosts the Clean Beauty Awards, where the best in clean beauty is determined by an esteemed panel of judges worldwide!


Product Spotlight: Elevé Cosmetics’ Organic Golden Beauty Oil will level up your skincare regime!

ProductSpotlight - Elevé Cosmetics - Organic Golden Beauty Oil

This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, we’ll get a small commission which helps keep us moving the dial towards clean beauty!

ProductSpotlight - Elevé Cosmetics - Organic Golden Beauty Oil

Elevé Cosmetics’ Organic Golden Beauty Oil is in the spotlight!

Do you want to take your skincare to the next level? Then check out Elevé Cosmetics’ Organic Golden Beauty Oil!

Elevé Cosmetics is a nontoxic, indie beauty brand with a mission of spreading wellness through beauty. All of the products are made in small batches with hand-selected ingredients, many of which are clinically proven to promote skin health and anti-aging.

We jumped at the opportunity interview the makers behind this beauty oil. Read on to learn more about what makes this product so incredible, and why it may be a perfect fit for you!

Why is Organic Golden Beauty Oil so incredible?

Elevé Organic Golden Beauty Oil is a bestseller, and we have customers who swear it’s changed the health and vitality of their skin and they won’t be without it.

Tell us more about the key ingredients! What are the benefits?

One of the key ingredients is the extract of Kakadu Plum – a superfruit that contains the highest known concentration of Vitamin C of any single natural food source in the world!

Who loves this product? Who is it made for?

Organic Golden Beauty Oil is perfect for the person who wants to take his or her skincare routine to the next level. A multitasking, highly concentrated oil packed with antioxidants, it addresses every sign of aging in one simple step. Just two drops of this potent blend of supercharged botanicals nourishes and protects all day. It alleviates dryness, stimulates collagen production and is beneficial for all skin types. It also contains 100% organic or wildcrafted ingredients.

Thank you Elevé Cosmetics for sharing more about  your Organic Golden Beauty Oil!

See Elevé Cosmetics’ website, and follow them on Instagram or Facebook


PurPicks is the world’s largest directory of organic / natural / clean skincare products with thousands of reviews, like TripAdvisor for nontoxic skincare!

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Founder Spotlight: An Interview with Suzannah Raff from Cleo+Coco

#Founderspotlight - Cleo+Coco - Suzannah Raff

This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, we’ll get a small commission which helps keep us moving the dial towards clean beauty!

#Founderspotlight - Cleo+Coco - Suzannah Raff

This year, Cleo+Coco’s Aluminum Free All Natural Charcoal Deodorant is Top 3 in CertClean’s Clean Beauty Awards!

Cleo+Coco’s Aluminum Free All Natural Charcoal Deodorant is amongst the top performing clean beauty products in the industry! This is no easy feat!

We took the opportunity to interview the brains behind the brand, Suzannah Raff, to learn more about how the journey of Cleo+Coco all started. Cleo+Coco’s next generation of deodorant is natural without compromise. Their mission is to offer you Confidence that your personal care routine is Clean and effective.

Read on to learn more about the incredible story behind Suzannah’s mission, her most loved ingredients, and what makes Cleo+Coco’s products truly award-winning.

What inspired you to start your business?

Years before I developed Cleo+Coco’s award-winning natural deodorants, I was famous among my friends for smelling amazing, mixing and blending perfumes to make my own signature scent. When my father was recovering in the hospital from a serious illness, it was only natural that I found my way to essential oils and their beautiful scents and beneficial properties. I began to use them in my home, health, and wellbeing. Then along came the clean eating movement. Having been taught from a young age to eat healthy and take care of my body, I became an avid student of this clean movement, as well. When I got married and pregnant, I suddenly became very sensitive to and aware of the chemicals that I was putting onto my body. All of my perfumed skin care products and antiperspirants went into the garbage.

I’ll be honest, during this time in my life there was simply no aluminum-free deodorant that I could find to handle my fluctuating hormones, sweat, and odor. Having been known for my great scent over the years, this was not something I was happy about, especially as I was still a newlywed! So, I took out my essential oils and began creating my own deodorant that was natural, free from synthetic fragrance, sensitive enough for pregnant and nursing moms, yet still powerful enough to combat our odor. It took a good year of experimenting with the perfect mix of ingredients to get to the point where we could claim with complete confidence that Cleo+Coco offered all day odor control. Our deodorants work and we have won awards to prove it. Our thousands of happy customers demonstrate that.

Once I created the perfect formula, I had a vision for what deodorant should be. I saw that deodorant should be a product that you love to put on every day. Not just something that we brainlessly tolerate to prevent uncomfortable body odor. I saw that deodorant could feel, look, and smell luxurious.

After all, isn’t a product that we use every day on our sensitive underarms, so close to our delicate breast tissues and glands, critically important? Shouldn’t deodorant be a product that we think long and hard about before applying? Shouldn’t it be made with clean ingredients? And shouldn’t deodorant allow you to feel confident all day long? Confident that you aren’t compromising your wellbeing for effectiveness.

And that’s how Cleo+Coco 2.0, The Next Generation of Deodorant, came about. We had the perfect formula. Now we perfected the creamy application and improved the packaging to offer you the luxury experience you deserve.

Please tell us more about your All Natural Charcoal Deodorant! Why do you think it was so well-loved by Clean Beauty Awards’ judging panel?

We created Cleo+Coco to elevate the natural deodorant experience. We felt that deodorant needed to 1) work. 2) go on creamy clear and not irritate or stain. 3) it should smell uplifting and beautiful without any synthetic fragrance and 4) it should be a luxurious experience. We are the only brand who always used charcoal and magnesium rich clays in our formula because those are the best active ingredients to eliminate odor naturally.

In your journey of creating natural products, what were some roadblocks or issues that you were faced with?

There are a lot of roadblocks to overcome. It was hard to find a manuracturer who could produce the quality and quantity we needed. Today, its hard to fund the growth. The greatest obstacle is greenwashing by larger brands who claim to be natural when they are not. Its so important to read labels and understand that if the first ingreident is water, it is not an active ingredient and you are paying for ‘filler’ and that fragrance is a catch-all for anything synthetic and not natural. Competing with greenwashing from large brands is always difficult but we are proud of how consumers are demanding more authenticity and recognizing these qualities in indie brands like ours.

As a formulator, you must have some special love for some ingredients. What are your favourites?

I love activated charcoal and bentonite clay for their bacteria absorbing properties. They are miracle workers and such a small amount does so much. When my kids are sick I give then a bath with these ingredients and they immediately feel better. I also love essential oils. They are therapeutic and uplifting and antibacterial and give such beautiful aromas without synthetics that can potentially cause harm to your body.

We absolutely love the ethos of your company. Can you tell us more? 

We are cruelty-free, waterless, natural, clean non-toxic and have zero-waste options. We are authentic and transparent. We never use water or filler in our formulations since that introduces a lot of waste and leads to a diluted, less effective product that you need more of to get any results. Our products are very dense and every ingredient is active. We need no synthetic preservatives since there is no water to breed bacteria. We also never use synthetic fragrance but create beautiful soft aromas with only essential oils.

Thank you Suzannah for sharing your powerful story behind Cleo+Coco, and for creating The Next Generation of Deodorant that will propel us towards a healthier, eco-friendly future!

See Cleo+Coco’s website, and follow them on Instagram or Facebook

Learn more about the finalists below!

Charcoal Deodorant – Great Expectations, Grapefruit Bergamot

2020 OdourCare 2nd Place

Price: $18

Certifications: Think Dirty 0 rating, cruelty-free


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Founder Spotlight: An Interview with Lisa Strong from aiona alive skin care

#Founderspotlight - aiona alive skin care - Lisa Strong

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#Founderspotlight - aiona alive skin care - Lisa Strong

This year, aiona alive skin care’s e-citrus exfoliating cleanser has won first place in CertClean’s Clean Beauty Awards!

aiona alive skin care’s e-citrus exfoliating cleanser is amongst the top performing clean beauty products in the industry! This is no easy feat!

We jumped at the opportunity to interview the founder, Lisa, to learn about how it all began.

Hollywood makeup artist and creator, Lisa Strong has been a professional in film and television for 22 years. During her passion for the art, Lisa became aware of the effects of environmental toxins on the skin and was prompted to develop products that feel like a wearable, breathable, moisture mask. It was her goal to develop all natural, organic skincare products that not only reduce the appearance of fine lines, redness and rosacea, but also brings back the skin’s natural PH balance.

Lisa assembled a team of scientists, researchers and formulators together from Canada and Europe to create aiona alive. On her brand vision, Lisa writes: “My mission is to bring the beauty of smooth, glowing, hydrated skin in a healthy range to the forefront of the market. To provide anti aging products that help acne sufferers and bring alkalinity back to even the most sensitive skin.”

Read on to learn more about the incredible story behind Lisa’s mission, her most loved ingredients, and what makes aiona alive absolutely revolutionary.

What inspired you to start your business?

I have been a makeup artist in the film industry for over 20 years. During that time I gained considerable knowledge of the detrimental effects that chemical laden skin care products and cosmetics have on the skin. Which is why I developed an All natural skin care line with high performance ingredients. aiona alive is revolutionary – It brings skin care to a new level, by using a pure form of Collagen from the silver carp fish. This source of collagen is most compatible with our own triple helix, which allows for penetration to the epidermis. Creating a formulation with peptides and silver carp collagen with no petrochemicals and skin irritating preservatives became my mission. I found using these combined ingredients boosted the health of skin and healed skin conditions.

Please tell us more about your e-citrus exfoliating cleanser! Why do you think it was so well-loved by Clean Beauty Awards’ judging panel?

aiona alive e-citrus cleanser stands on its own! It already has a built in natural exfoliator( decyl glucoside). It removes waterproof mascara and all make-up without stripping your skin. It helps clear up mild acne breakouts and heals skin conditions. It has a refreshing natural citrus scent. You do not need a toner, this cleanser does it all!

In your journey of creating natural products, what were some roadblocks or issues that you were faced with?

I found trying to find a clean/green preservation system that could stabilize the collagen and peptides was not an easy task! It took me and my formulators 3 years to research ingredients/preservation systems and finally found a great fit. Definitely more expensive but worth the quality and is rated a 3 and under on the EWG’s

As a formulator, you must have some special love for some ingredients. What are your favourites?

I love silver carp collagen! This source of collagen is most compatible with our own triple helix. The molecules are small enough which allow for penetration in the epidermis. Collagen plumps the skin and helps heal skin conditions. To add to mix of powerhouse ingredients are peptides! My night cream has 5 peptides; Pentapeptide-31 ( Rejuvenates our stem cells) Acetyl Dipeptide-1 Cetyl Ester (Tightens the skin) sh- Hexapeptide-2 ( Improves skin firmness and elasticity) Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4 ( Helps to produce more collagen) sh- Pentapeptide-6 ( Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines) Removes Puffiness Increases elastin & Hyaluronic Acid Synthesis You can not forget the healing properties of plant extracts. These ingredients together created a powerful anti-oxidant and natural anti-aging skin care line, that works!!

Thank you Lisa for sharing your powerful story behind aiona alive. Your products are certainly bringing the beauty of smooth, glowing, hydrated skin in a healthy range to the forefront of the market! Well done!

See aiona alive’s website, and follow them on Instagram or Facebook

Learn more about the finalists below!

e-citrus exfoliating cleanser

2020 FaceWash 1st Place Winner

Price: $45


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Winners: The Best Natural Beard Care of 2020


Winners: The Best Natural Beard Care of 2020

Need help finding the best natural beard care products? Luckily, more and more brands – clean, natural and organic – are creating products for bearded men.

This year, CertClean created a new category: Beard Care. So to find out which beard balms, creams, oils and serums are worth your hard earned dollars, see these expert picks! Scroll down to find the best beard products in the natural and organic market today:

Best Beard Care:

1. Leaf People Skin Care – Sandalwood and Cypress Face and Beard Oil
2. Bellus – Beard oil concentrate
3. Always Bearded Lifestyle – Beard Conditioning Cream: Bergamot + Ylang Ylang with Distilled Pine Scotch


Congratulations to all these amazing winners and special thanks to the incredible panel of judges who worked hard to determine the best in clean beauty!

More than ever, supporting indie brands is extremely important; learn more about the mission and history of Leaf People and how the CEO, Julie Levin, is motivated to create products to benefit the community. She’s travelled the world to study herbal medicine, while blending art, science and spirituality together, in order to create truly amazing products to share with the world!

CertClean Logo

Host of the Clean Beauty Awards

CertClean is North America’s leading certification for safer beauty and personal care products. Learn more about the certification here!

Every year, CertClean hosts the Clean Beauty Awards, where the best in clean beauty is determined by an esteemed panel of judges worldwide!

Winners: 2020’s Best Natural Face Cleansers and Face Care products


Winners: 2020’s Best Natural Face Cleansers and Face Care products

Over 370 products entered CertClean’s Clean Beauty Awards this year and the most competitive categories were face washes and face care. And the results are in! The judges have spoken; the judges tested and tried a plethora of natural face products — from cleansers to creams to oils to serums to toners and mists! 

Don’t underestimate the power of an incredible face wash – the very best of them can leave your face feeling supple and soft..the perfect canvas to kickstart your daily skincare ritual! Here are the very best natural cleansers in the market today:

Best Face Wash:

1. aiona alive skin care – aiona alive e-citrus exfoliating cleanser
2. Biossance – Squalane + Tea Tree Cleansing Gel
3. Eco Tan – Super Citrus Cleanser


Clean skin allows your toners, serums, creams to live up to their full potential! With a surge of new natural and organic face products popping up at a super-rapid rate – some are so fancy on the outside, it is challenging to decipher which ones live up to their claims and which ones are not-so-fancy in quality. The judges also tried it all when it came to face care — face cream, oil, serum and toners and mists! Here’s the round up of the best face care products in 2020:

Best Face Cream:

1. Iremia Skincare Inc. – Soothing Lotion
2. Iremia Skincare Inc. – Protective Cream
3. Ao Skincare (Distil Skincare LLC) – Raw Nourish AM Treatment

Best Face Oil:

1. Ellie Bianca – Citrus Skin Oil
2. Helena Lane – Skincare Pomegranate & Lemon Nourishing Face Oil
3. Eco Tan – Glory Oil


Best Face Serum:

1. Caldera + Lab – The Good
2. Immersion Botanica – Rosehip Facial Serum for Dry/Damaged Skin
3. Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm – Sensitive Skin’ Face Serum


Best Toner & Mist:

1. Vanessa Megan – Group 11 Active Mist
2. AROMATICA – Tea Tree Balancing Toner
3. isoi – PHA First Toner


The above products hit all the right marks: it is easy to use and it delivers as promised. If you are looking to tame your mane with natural hair products, find the most fitting products for you here! or if you’re looking to do a complete makeover of your bathroom cabinet and makeup bag, see the list of winners here!

Also, consider learning more about the ethos of EcoTan, their professional, tanning, skincare and body care range is Certified Organic by the Organic food Chain Australia, they are accredited Toxic Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia, and are accredited by Choose Cruitely Free, and for those who are vegan – their tanning, skincare and body care range is vegan – see the interview with CEO of Eco by Sonya Driver here

Kind to your Skin, Kind to the Earth, and Kind to Women. These are the 3 pillars that guide Ellie Bianca and their products. Ellie Bianca’s CEO, Evelyne Nyairo has a vision of “cultivating a global connection that empowers women, creates resilient communities that exemplifies natural beauty.” To read more about their story and the meaning behind these pillars, check out the interview!

Passionate about nature and formulating herbal personal care products, Cydney Higgins is the founder of Immersion Botanica. Her fascination with plants and their value in skincare has allowed her to create a beautiful brand with stellar skincare products certified nontoxic by CertClean – plus zero-waste, and biodegradable packaging! Learn more about Cydney’s story here!

CertClean Logo

Host of the Clean Beauty Awards

CertClean is North America’s leading certification for safer beauty and personal care products. Learn more about the certification here!

Every year, CertClean hosts the Clean Beauty Awards, where the best in clean beauty is determined by an esteemed panel of judges worldwide!

Winners: The Best Natural Shampoo and Hair Treatment of 2020


Winners: The Best Natural Shampoo and Hair Treatment of 2020

Once upon a time, brick and mortar stores were the place to pick up your shampoo and hair treatment products. Not anymore. Now, online shopping is the destination of choice!

More than ever, there are natural hair care products full of good clean ingredients – leaving out the harmful chemicals. Times have indeed changed for the better. But which of these natural, organic and or clean products can you buy without worrying about buyer’s remorse? Not all products are created equal – and some products are beautiful on the outside and not necessarily beautiful on the inside. Well, the hard work has been done for you! An esteemed panel of green beauty experts in CertClean’s Clean Beauty Awards tested products on their beautiful manes to determine the best natural hair care products in the industry — here you go:

Best Hair Wash:

1. Black Chicken Remedies – Dry Shampoo
2. Birch Babe Naturals – Shampoo Bar
3. AROMATICA B5+Biotin Fortifying Shampoo


Best Hair Treatment:

1. Black Chicken Remedies – HairOM – Restorative Hair and Scalp Treatment
2. Jordan Seban Hair – Le Baume
3. Supernova – LUCY Anti Frizz Leave in Conditioner


These products earned the ultimate seal of approval: the top picks of the Clean Beauty Awards! Save your money – no more spending your hard earned money just to experiment with products that may or may not deliver! If you are also looking for the best bath and body care products that really live up to their claims, see the winners in those categories here!

If you’re looking for vegan, plastic-free products, then look no further! Birch Babe Naturals is a small natural body products company with a lot of heart and tons of love for nature! Learn more about what inspired Debbie Alger, the founder behind Birch Babe Naturals, to start her wholesome line of body and hair care products!

CertClean Logo

Host of the Clean Beauty Awards

CertClean is North America’s leading certification for safer beauty and personal care products. Learn more about the certification here!

Every year, CertClean hosts the Clean Beauty Awards, where the best in clean beauty is determined by an esteemed panel of judges worldwide!

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