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Meet the Maker: Cynthia Ransom of Good Karma Skincare


Name:  Cynthia Ransom

Title:  Founder and Potion Master

Brand:  Good Karma Skincare

Certifications:  CertClean

Personal Motto: Enjoy the Journey

When you see what Cynthia creates, what she chooses to work on, and how she chooses to spend her time, you will see that she’s a creative, curious and compassionate soul. We’re lucky to interview Cynthia Ransom, the founder of Good Karma Skincare. As a Traditional Naturopath and holistic practitioner, Cynthia embarked on a new journey creating the beautiful, potent and super functional brand, Good Karma Skincare.  What is neat about the brand is that it won as the best performing eye cream in the 2017 Clean Beauty Awards – what is even neater is that the Good Karma Skincare website has lots of “before” and “after” photos where photos clearly demonstrate that appearance of rosacea, wrinkles, redness, fine lines are drastically reduced, if not eliminated!

If you are curious, here are Good Karma Skinare’s top selling products

Lux 7 Four in One Face Cream

Lux 7 Purifying Facial Cleanser

The LUX 7 cleanser is a wonderful product! The pump makes that product easy to use and cleanser goes on smoothly.
My skin looks clean and refreshed. I would definitely recommend this cleanser!

Julie Anderholm

This is my very favorite skin cream for day and also night. I’ve tried many different night creams but this one seems to make my face feel so good and knowing that it takes care of everything makes it even better. I use it every other night because I like to rotate it with the facial oil which I also love. Of course the skin cream is used every day before I put on my makeup. Can’t say enough good things about it.

Linda Schmid

When did you start to create natural beauty products? Why did you start?

2013. My personal quest to find anti-aging products that performed without nasty chemicals, and were a value, was a failure- they didn’t exist. I began using my holistic background to create something for myself.

What’s a myth about conventional beauty products/routines you wished everyone would stop believing?

I spoke with a celebrity—who I cannot name, nor tell you the major cosmetic company he was a spokesperson for (EVERYONE throughout the world knows this company): “People don’t understand the products are the same thing, year after year. There is nothing new. Every year the big companies find the newest hyped ingredient and add insignificant amounts to the same base product and market the heck out of it as ‘a break through’. It’s all smoke and mirrors”.

Why was getting the CertClean certification important to you?

We wanted an outside source to vet our products. CertClean is the only certification program founded by a chemical engineer with a focus on beauty products. They really do their due diligence and dig into every product. I believe the CertClean certification provides our customers confidence in their choice. 

How are your products special/different?

We incorporated my love of energy medicine in our products. I worked with several companies to help formulate an advanced form of homeopathy that is focused on anti-aging. I wanted the ingredients to work in synergy, and vibrate at the highest, most effective level. In fact, I just heard from a woman and healer that uses our products; she does energy healing and ‘just for fun’ she took out our products and smaller samples of ‘big name/department store/serums and creams’ and measured their energy. The ‘other’ brands all measured around 20K bovis units (the unit of energy), every Good Karma product was a tad over 1 Million bovis units.

What makes your heart smile?

My heart smiles daily, I live in joy and know that winning the lottery would not make me happier, but it sure would be fun! Good Karma would become bigger and faster, with more products, more reach, and more people involved—we could do so much more good in the world. My furry ‘kids’ bring me so much joy—animal welfare is where our company focuses (for now, we have our own 501C3, we hope to expand in other areas to help children and more). Our give program is “Beauty Feeds the Beasts, we don’t test on animals, we feed them!”. The picture included is of me (far right) with Linda & Alison on the left; we are off to deliver a truckload of food to a shelter. Joy!

What’s a product you absolutely love and know is amazing but it just doesn’t get enough attention?

Our Lux 7 Rejuvenating Facial Oil. This is the formula that was given to us by a Shaman who received it in meditation (full story here). Craziest thing, and we are so blessed to be able to share it. It is the product that gets rid of the deeper lines, crepe-y skin and more. I alternate using this and our Four in One Face Cream, the changes in my complexion are crazy good!  Many people are conditioned to use a ‘nicely scented’ oil, and ours smells like oil. Period. No added scent.


You need to strip out the oil scent via refining to add even essential oils- that process also strips out the nutrients. Our product is so effective because of the nutrients! Additionally, using a 7-oil blend out performs and single oil product. Take argan oil; it is a wonderful oil, it has its benefits. Yet our rejuvenating oil gives you the healing profiles of 7 different oils, not just one. There is no comparison.  

What new additions are on the horizon at Good Karma?

We are adding a Men’s line, hopefully out by November. My book, The Blue Sheep Movement, will be out around the same time. It contains stories from my private holistic practice, opening the door to holistic medicine in everyday life. True healthcare isn’t an either/or decision; you can use both medical advice and holistic doctrine . The issue is most people don’t realize they have a choice because of the legal limitations of our current medical system. Hopefully this will guide people to make choices right for them!

Cynthia Ransom


Thank you Cynthia for your time and for making healthier products for all of our faces to enjoy! For those wanting to see what people are saying about Good Karma Skincare products, click here!

Meet the Maker: Wendy Morris of EarthlyEssentials

Meet the Maker behind EarthlyEssentials: Wendy Morris

Wendy Morris, Natural Health Practitioner & Owner of EarthlyEssentials

Certifications:  CertClean, Orthotherapy Massage, Certified Aromatherapist, Chartered Herbalist, Yoga Instructor, Reflexologist, see more

Personal Motto/Mantra: Breathe, Believe, Inspire


We asked Wendy for 3 adjectives she’d use to describe herself but that the adjectives must start with the first letter of her name, she says: Wonderful, Wild and Witch. We love that so much!

Then we asked Wendy what her “former life” was .. there was no way we could summarize it so here it goes:

B.S.Sc., Aquatic Teacher Trainer for Red Cross & Life Saving Societies 18 yrs, Heart & Stroke CPR Instructor/Examiner, First Aid Instructor/Examiner (25 yrs), Personal Trainer, Aquatic Assistant Manager, Recreational Program Director private Gym, EducationCentre Coordinator National Capital YW/YMCA)

What is she up to now? This wonderfully wild witch has created her town’s Health & Wellness Center, not only is there an apothecary store, there’s also 2 yoga studios, massage clinic, and infrared sauna! Needless to say, she is all about holistic health! Thank goodness for the internet because we’re glad that she can share her goodies in her apothecary store online!

She makes a variety of soaps – from dead sea mud soap to pure olive soap to lavendar poppy seed soaps to bathcare and skincare products.  Like you, we’re curious as to what her top selling products are — here you go (you’re welcome!):

Three Top Selling products:

EarthlyEssentials Men's Scrub

Men’s Scrub Soap

EarthlyEssentials Beautiful Face Cream

Beautiful Face Cream

EarthlyEssentials Everlasting Cream

Everlasting Lotion

I have tried many face creams but this one is the best, my skin isn’t dried out, not too oily, it’s unbelievable what a difference it makes, I can’t live without it!


What is not to love about this daily facial cream. Its magical, leaves my face so smooth and I’ve received alot of compliments. Just knowing about all of the natural ingredients is so worth it and Wendy’s knowledge and hard work says it all.

Lise Lalinde

When did you start to create natural beauty products? Why did you start?

I started in 1996 as my children were small and sensitive to conventional products, often with allergic reactions from conventional– so I learned to make my own products with genuine ingredients. 

What’s a myth about conventional beauty products/routines you wished everyone would stop believing? 

The myth that age can be defeated by a cream, especially those that cost more than $75 over the counter. 

Why was getting the CertClean certification important to you?

The CertClean certification is a stepping stone which provides a visible logo and support that my products do not contain synthetic or chemical ingredients which could increase the toxic load of an individual. It is a reassurance to my current and new customers that my products are recognized as Clean and enhanced by its Logo.

How are your products special/different?

I prefer to use mostly certified organic ingredients when I can. I choose my suppliers based not only on literature but by speaking to the company verbally. I inquire sources, methods of processing, shelf life and health benefits. Most of my companies are used by Naturopathic Doctors, Food manufacturers. I believe if you can eat it, you can apply it to your skin.

What makes your heart smile?

I love making the products and having repeat customers. I am blessed that many have been purchasing their potions from me for over 15 years. I love teaching others how to DIY and feel that the more people doing so makes increases self sufficiency and brings us back to our roots. Success to me, already exists, and the additional perks along the way, reassure me that I am on the right track and serving my purpose. 

What’s a product you absolutely love and know is amazing but it just doesn’t get enough attention?

My Majik Salve is one of those “doesn’t get enough attention”. Formulated with infused herbal oils and essential oils combinations for multi purpose healing was a great seller in the past. Changes in time, and perhaps changes in my packaging showed a drop-in sales. It is an awesome all-around healing salve for cuts, scrapes, minor wounds & bruising, minor burns, minor skin irritations, and have even had clients share benefits for dark circles under the eyes, I continue to make it and my family uses it on a regular basis.

Wendy Morris 


What are some of your favourite EarthlyEssentials products? Let us know in the comments below which ones you love!

42 Natural Face Washes You Can Use Every Day


42 Natural Face Washes You Can Use Every Day!


Washing your face should be a part of your daily routine. Period. Your face goes through a lot, and it needs to be taken care of. After a whole day of weather, accessorizing, and oils from your hands and eats, your face wants to be washed.

And it’s hard because your face might need something different from your friend, who good-naturedly recommended something that worked for them. You’ve tried all the products from all the department stores, and nothing has worked–but have you tried products that aren’t always in department stores? Often all-natural brands can’t be found in department stores, and, often, they’re exactly what your face wants! Here’s a list of this year’s Clean Beauty Awards entries for Face Wash from certified organic products. Scroll down to read about them!


Conclusion: How great do these facial products sound? Let us know in the comments below which ones you’re dying to try–listen to your face!

Meet the Maker: Cydney Higgins of Immersion Botanica

Meet the Maker: How Cydney Higgins’ Hobby Became A Business

Name:  Cydney Higgins

Title:  Founder/Owner

Brand:  Immersion Botanica

Certifications:  CertClean, Registered Nurse (retired)

Year Started:  February 2018 official launch of online shop. Worked on products for 2.5 years before launch.

Personal Motto  Seek to understand

To catch a glimpse of the personality of Cydney, we asked her to describe herself with 3 adjectives that first start with a “c” – and she says, she’s curious, calm and comprehensive. Perhaps she has these wonderful qualities because she was formerly a Nurse then Nurse Manager, and now retired. And by retired, she really meant she founded a new clean beauty brand, Immersion Botanica.

For such a young company, Immersion Botanica is growing fast and very well loved. Within 6 months of her launch, Cydney has over 60 reviews on her products on PurPicks! How neat is that! 

While we were chatting, we asked what her top selling products are (because we are sure you’re interested!) – here you go:

Immersion Botanica Jojoba & Sea Buckthorn Facial Nutrient Serum

Jojoba Sea Buckthorn Facial Nutrient Serum

Immersion Botanica Hydrating Geranium Mist

Geranium Hydrating Mist

Immersion Botanica Rosemary & Lavender Cleansing Oil

Rosemary Lavender Facial Cleansing Oil

I liked this product a lot! It smelled really fruity but in a nice way! It mad my skin nice and soft and I would put it on before bed to wake up with fresh skin! Definitely recommend!


I love this product! It has a beautiful scent. While my face is still damp with the mist, I apply my serum and my skin is so soft. I have been using the product for three weeks and have noticed a real difference.

Victoria S.

I’ve never used a cleansing oil before… I honestly didn’t know what to think – seems counter intuitive. But I was pleasantly surprised! I liked the silky feel of my skin afterwards. I also liked that I my skin didn’t feel dried out like soap can do sometimes.


When did you start to create natural beauty products? Why did you start?

I became curious about herbalism when I started making soap as a hobby. My learning and discovery grew in my attempts to fulfill both an enduring desire to understand as well as to create. Many years ago, I studied fashion design and merchandising. I have always needed a creative outlet in my life. As I transition to retirement from healthcare, I am so excited about wading into the world of herbs and natural skincare, there is so much scope and I find the complexity and learning fascinating!

What’s a myth about conventional beauty products/routines you wished everyone would stop believing?

It is wonderful to learn about the ingredients in our personal care products AND they do not have to be complicated or exotic. Sticking to only 5 ingredients is a great start however there are so many plant-based ingredients that our skin can benefit from. I think that there is confusion about what our skin needs and a fear or avoidance of oil. There are a wide variety of oils, all of which have different properties and benefits for the skin. While important for repairing and protecting the skin, oils do not hydrate the skin. Hydration is the most difficult aspect of skincare to maintain as we are constantly losing moisture and need to replenish. The health of our skin barrier is paramount to maintaining this balance. We tend to lack knowledge of which ingredients and/or methods may be best to avoid.

It is hard to know what to believe as a consumer since beauty products are mysterious and at times, have had ingredients that are questionable in terms of safety. I think people are seeking simplicity, clarity and appreciate transparency as to what is safe and beneficial. I am someone who needs to understand and so I have made it my focus to research and learn in more depth.

Why was getting the CertClean certification important to you?

Safety is #1 importance. As I learn about formulation, I realize that I must be very diligent and transparent in regard to the safety of the ingredients I use. I think a 3rd party review my products enhances credibility and transparency.

How are your products special/different?  

It is all about repairing and protecting the health of the skin barrier. Each product does this in it’s own way and so they are most beneficial when used to complement one another. The cleansers do not strip the skin’s protective barrier, the hydrating mists offer nutrition, the oils repair and protect. For example, niacinamide & glucosamine are some amazing ingredients that have stood the test of time and offer so many benefits for skin from exfoliation, hydration, preventing acne, and calming redness. I include these in my hydrating mists which are a key product in my line.

What does success look like to you?

I would love to be able to continue learning and creating products that enrich the lives of others. My goal is to help people to feel good, learn about healthy skincare and connect with the beauty and amazing benefits of nature.

What’s a product you absolutely love and know is amazing but it just doesn’t get enough attention?

Fruit & Grains Cleanser – this product is a wonderful alternative to soap. It is full of ground florals and is useful for cleansing, controlling oil, exfoliating dead skin cells, and protecting the skin barrier.

It may not get enough attention because it is simple and not exotic. Also, there is confusion about what our skin needs, we are not necessarily taught skin biology. We could all benefit from learning about skin health both from the inside out and the outside in. It doesn’t need to be exotic or complicated.

Cydney Higgins

How has switching to clean beauty changed your life and—most importantly—your skin? Let us know in the comments below!

Meet the Maker: Michelle Rosetta of BEE23

Meet the Maker: Michelle—the Queen Bee of BEE23 Natural Beauty

Name:  Michelle Rosetta

Title:  Queen Bee of BEE23 Natural Beauty

Certifications:  CertClean

When did you start:  2007

Former Life/Day Job:  Honors Bachelor of Social Work

Personal Motto: It will be fun, it will be an adventure!

Michelle is one meaningful and motivated maven. If you have ever met or chatted with this beautiful woman, you wouldn’t be surprised that she lives by “It will be fun, it will be an adventure!”. She is positive and bold – and as they say, fortune favours the bold!  Due to her hustle, drive and carefully crafted products, BEE23 is growing fast. We’re not surprised since her products are incredibly well-loved; reviews of her water-less products consistently rave about how great her products are for sensitive skin and those struggling with eczema – see here for yourself!

If interested to try some of her products, here are her top three sellers:

Hotty Balm Mature To Dry

Mature to Dry Hotty Balm

BEE23 Natural Beauty – Hotty Balm Normal To Oily

Normal to Oily Hotty Balm

Lazy Afternoons Hotty Body Balm

The smell of this product is amazing. At first try I thought it would take a while to rub into my hands but it didn’t leave any residue and I could smell this lovely citrus for ages after.


Loved this product for an all around balm. Good, natural replacement for vaseline.


I’ve actually been using this on my face in the winter, and it’s pretty great. My skin is really dry and this seems to be one of the few things I can use to protect it in the winter.


When did you start to create natural beauty products? Why did you start?

My choice to start my current venture BEE23 Natural Beauty in 2007 was out of necessity. There were several factors contributing to the launch, including the outright rage I felt with highly toxic products on the market, the need for my own products due to my skin sensitivities and the need to support myself. I did presentations and projects on environmental issues in university involving both our human view on what our actual connection to our physical planet is to the immense damage we were creating as a species and what that meant for future generations based on science from the 70s and prior. I have followed environmental trends, politics and news for decades. I took my children in marches for social justice and environmental issues but I felt a lack of satisfaction in my efforts and ranting to others about these issues did not get the response I was hoping for. I needed to put this energy somewhere positive, productive and inviting.

I still had not truly connected this acquired knowledge about nasty ingredients to the beauty products industry, until I was in my 30s and starting to see the wear and tear of life on my own face, plus I wanted a product for protection in the elements because I was living off-the-grid at the time and continued to participate in a lot of outdoor sports like snowboarding. When I went to purchase my ‘anti-aging cream’ I couldn’t believe all of the toxins. Early on I was very sensitive to fragrance and commonly used ingredients, so I didn’t use or think to use anything in my 20s. I had not really thought of what was in those products, I just didn’t use them. I couldn’t find anything with the properties of a product I wanted for myself in the market, so I thought back to the healing ointments my Grandmother would make for the horses and invariably use for herself. An idea started to form wherein I could create a suitable product for my own use and wrap it up with an important environmental message that my audience may be more interested in if it was first presented in the form of wrinkles or acne, little did I realize my idea would bloom into a product that is much more superior to toxic water based products anyhow. I worked with an essential oils practitioner and began to gain the knowledge I needed to create the product I was looking for.

What’s a myth about conventional beauty products/routines you wished everyone would stop believing?

I would like others to think about how we have been conditioned to believe our skincare is supposed to be so complex and multi-stepped to work. I can say with my own personal experience along with watching my customers results through choosing simple regimens, our skin would appear to be much healthier and happier with the less products and steps that we use. Believing that the tight dry feeling after cleansing is a good sign is not actually good for our skin. Choosing mostly water to cleanse the skin with a simple oil cleanser like Jojoba Oil, will work so much better for all skin types. All these years, mostly because I’m lazy, all I have ever done is wash with water, a little SLS free soap if necessary and then put my Hotty Balm. Oh and saunas in my opinion are the best detox for our skin.

Why was getting the CertClean certification important to you?

One of the first questions I am asked regardless as to whether it is in my sign or on the packaging is, ‘is your product all natural.’ The CertClean certification is a very easy tool for me to use as a company in order to state that this particular company only certifies clean products. You cannot be certified CertClean unless you fall within their credentials. It has been a way for me to give legitimacy to my claims and act as an important sales tool. The marketing CertClean has done for their companies has also been a very good leverage for my brand and I appreciate all of their efforts.

How are your products special/different?

The way we put our ingredients together creates a very potent and unique formula that has really worked wonders consistently for a wide variety of skin conditions. It can be used alongside other quality brands but it adds this incredible protective quality for harsh environmental factors living in the city or in extreme climates. We also source our ingredients with care. I love our essential oils so much and I love the company that produces them. I feel they are quite special and superior in comparison to much that is out on the market. Much like our essential oils our beeswax is locally produced in Ontario and sourced from all small independent farmers. As well, our Olive Oil is brought in directly through the Olive Oil Boutique from a farm in Italy. There is absolutely no adulteration or filler added.

What makes your heart smile?

It makes my heart smile when a customer comes up to me and thanks me for making our product line. When I am told that our products in some way has given an individual their confidence or power back, there is absolutely no better feeling. A successful outcome for me in regards to this company would be that we are in a place where I directly purchase all of my ingredients from the communities of origin and we are established enough to be employing individuals in our own community at fair wages in a progressive and positive environment.

What’s a product you absolutely love and know is amazing but it just doesn’t get enough attention?

The Mango Mornings Hotty Body Balm is really good for individuals with very sensitive skin looking for a simple formula. It is super light, feels amazing all year round and truly does wonders for the skin, including face and body. The reason the Mango Mornings can be overlooked is that Mango can fractionate faster in temperature changes, so it can get this little grainy texture but grainy is good because it means there isn’t all the synthetic chemicals holding the product together. The little balls just melt on contact with the skin, and the benefits of this formula far out weight a small variation in texture.

Michelle Rosetta

What do you love most about BEE23 products? Let us know in the comments below!

Meet the Maker: Alexa Campbell of Penny Lane Organics

Meet the Maker: Alexa Campbell of Penny Lane Organics Talks Family, Calendula Oil, and Shampoo Bars


Name:  Alexa Campbell

Title:  Owner / President

Brand:  Penny Lane Organics

Certifications:  CertClean & Joyous Health Approved

Personal Motto/Mantra:  Nothing worth having comes easy

As of 2016, Alexa Campbell is the CEO for Penny Lane Organics (originally founded by Bo and Brian Penny). Formerly, she was a life guard, swim instructor and gymnastics teacher so it is no wonder that she described herself as ambitions, attentive and active (we asked for adjectives that started with an “a” because we are dorky like that!)

In the inaugural Clean Beauty Awards, Penny Lane Organics won the Awards for the best performing OdourCare! So no surprise here to see their natural deodorant as one of their best sellers, and here are two other products that are well loved by others:

Three Top Selling products:

Natural Deodorant – Pink Grapefruit

Pennylane Cleansing Milk Makeup Remover

Cleansing Milk and Makeup Remover

Natural Deodorant – Scent Free

This deodorant is the best one I have used so far. Unlike the one i used to use earlier (From Dove) it doesn’t leave your underarms feeling greasy after application. It’s light on the skin and the fragrance is mild.

Swathi M.

Another great Penny Lane product. The cleansing milk and makeup remover is light but very soothing leaving my skin feeling clean and soft. I love that it is chemical free.


I have the most sensitive skin and this is one of the only products I’ve found that I can enjoy. So gentle and refreshing. Feel like I’m having a special spa day from my own home. 🙂 10 stars!


When did you start to create natural beauty products?

I started in May 2016. I had just met and started working for Bo, the previous owner of Penny Lane Organics. 

What’s a myth about conventional beauty products/routines you wished everyone would stop believing?

Myth: There’s only one right way to do skin care.

Why it is not true: Not everyone’s skin is the same, what works for your friend might not work for you!

Why was getting the CertClean certification important to you?

Getting the certification was important to me because we are a small Canadian business that wants to be recognized for having natural and clean products and we can’t afford higher up certifications. CertClean is North America’s leading certification for safer beauty and personal care products. This is great for us as a small company in Ontario. Communication is always great from CertClean to us as a client!

How are your products different from conventional beauty products?

Our products are special because they are made by hand and with love to help people around the world have a clean and natural choice when it comes to personal care products. We always try to find the best combinations of ingredients to make a products the best and the most efficient as possible. For example, Calendula Oil is an oil we make ourselves. We grow the flower in our own backyard harvesting and drying it ourselves. We diffuse it to create a beautiful oil that has soothing and skin softening properties and is gentle enough to use as a baby oil or instead of a diaper creamCalendula Herbal Oil is used in many of our facial creams, serums, ointments, shampoos and baby products.

What makes your heart smile?

My Family makes me smile! I love my big crazy family. They got me where I am today and without them I do not know where I would be. They are supportive, loving and caring and everything anyone would need to help them reach their goals

What’s a product you absolutely love and know is amazing, but it just doesn’t get enough attention?

A product I love is our shampoo bars. I don’t think they get as much love as they could because most people use what their hair dresser recommends (which is always full of chemicals). Our shampoo bars moisturize and cleanse, and lather great. The best part is how long one bar lasts and that there is nothing left behind!

Alexa Campbell

In the comments below, tell us about your favorite Penny Lane products! Is it the shampoo bars? The deodorants? Give them some love!

72 “Free From” Skincare Products that Deserves Some Serious Attention in 2018

The best free from skincare products in 2018

72 “Free From” Skincare Products that Deserves Some Serious Attention in 2018

Natural. Green. Organic. Clean. The time has come for beauty to evolve. What better way to do that than realizing that choosing organic and natural ingredients it the best choice for skincare products?

We believe that all-natural, organic skincare ingredients such as the precious antioxidants found in natural oils, butters and pure herbal extracts are better for us (and the environment!) than their synthetic and toxic alternatives. And we’re happy to let you know that we’re not the only ones thinking like this.

The ‘Free From Skincare Awards’ are celebrating the best “free from” skincare products and artisans, bringing you a list of the most wanted organic, all-natural products you should incorporate in your daily beauty routine.  

Each product is subject to testing and careful examination to ensure that in the development process only natural and organic ingredients as well as pure essential oils and butters are being used. The judges are not only mindful of those who have skin allergies, sensitivities and other health concerns but they also focus on finding all-natural and nontoxic complex formulas your skin can passionately enjoy…as well as whether or not the product is worth the money!

The list of award-winning skincare products contains some of the best products on the planet, free from parabens, paraffin, mineral oils, any synthetic chemicals, never tested on animals and eco-friendly.



Best Free From Skincare Product 2018



FreeFrom Achievement Award 2018




Best FreeFrom Skincare Brand 2018



Green People







Family Skincare 2018




Men’s Grooming 2018:




Problem Skin 2018


Skin Food



Hair Care 2018




Body Care (Leave On) 2018




Body Care (Take Off) 2018




Oils and Oil-based Serums 2018




Make-Up 2018




Hand – Nail and Foot Care 2018


Enriching Spelt Hand Cream



Hard Soaps 2018




Lip Balms 2018




Face Care (Leave On) 2018



Lavera – Hydro Effect Serum

Calming Rose Super Tonic



Face Care (Wash Off) 2018




Fresh and Fragrant 2018


These products were made to help you look good and feel good. And when you feel good, you’re unstoppable. If natural beauty is your thing too, these are the brands that are making the difference between natural organic beauty and the alternative.

Looking for even more options? See the winners of CertClean’s 2017 Clean Beauty Awards or, if you’re looking for face moisturizers, see this ultimate list of 70+ face moisturizers that are going for “win” the 2018 Clean Beauty Awards this year. Are you ready to transform your skin and your life? Have you tried any of these award-winning products?

The Ultimate List Of All-Natural, Organic Face Moisturizers

The Ultimate List Of All-Natural, Organic Face Moisturizers

The Ultimate List Of All-Natural, Organic Face Moisturizers

Mother nature has a cure for almost anything and, lately, more and more beauty and skincare products are keeping their ingredient choices as close to the earth as possible. Maybe it’s the self-care, self-love vibe you can’t stop hearing about everywhere, but the all-natural beauty is in vogue now, more than ever.

One thing is for sure. Over the years we’ve become more aware of our decisions about what we allow on our skin and we’re looking to know exactly what the jars, tubs and bottles in our bathroom and dressing tables contain. It’s no surprise that with these demands, the organic skincare beauty market is blooming and hundreds of skincare brands have formed to meet your demands for safe, organic, natural beauty products.

Now, with lots of options along with misleading labels or brands that are outright greenwashing, it is still difficult to stay away from all chemicals that are so harmful not only to your skin but your entire body, and the process of having to find the real organic products you can use without worrying about the ingredients can be overwhelming.

These face care brands you’re about to read represent a mix of natural organic, non-toxic ingredients that are as good for the planet and your health as they are for your skin. Consider these 70+ nontoxic face moisturizers some of the best in the clean beauty industry — these are some of the natural / organic / nontoxic beauty heroes that have entered CertClean’s Clean Beauty Awards this year!

alenti - Liquid Rose Gold Night Serum

 Read more reviews on

AveSeena – Ageless Perfection Cream

Holy grail!

My holy grail! I use it under my makeup o r at night. I really love that it is a multitasker and can be used day/night. I don’t have time for million different creams. I want one that actually works. This cream feels so amazing on my skin. It really works practically overnight on my dry skin and how it looks in the morning is too good to be true…


What really counts is what they don’t use: no fragrances, no parabens, no siloxanes, or other unnecessary chemicals. With that settled, you can now indulge in our list with the best and brightest stars of green beauty. We hope we’ve given you a hand in choosing the best natural and organic beauty treats for your beautiful face.

We hope these nontoxic face moisturizers will make you feel better about what you’re putting on your beautiful face. If you’re looking for organic / natural cream, paraben-free makeup or the best natural body moisturizer, there are plenty of choices you can find here – The List of Award-Winning Products from 2017 

Are you ready to take the plunge into natural beauty?

10 Reasons You Should Add Rosemary to Your Beauty Routine

Benefits of Rosemay Essential Oil

10 Reasons You Should Add Rosemary to Your Beauty Routine

Read on to find out why Rosemary is such a superpower in the organic skincare industry!

In the cosmetics industry, this important component works it’s magic in more ways than one! It’s useful for toning the skin, increases blood flow, helps reduce puffiness thus, providing an overall better complexion. Depending on which products you use that contain rosemary leaf extract, you’ll be on your way to improved brain function, longer hair, maintained weight, and you’ll even be protected from UV damage. While these are just a few benefits that this ingredient has to offer, it does a lot more such as help fight cancer, improves asthma, and prevents blood clots. That’s 10 reasons right there!

Let’s take a look at a few products that contain the multi-faceted rosemary leaf extract:

1.Immersion Botanica – Rosemary & Lavender Cleansing Oil

  • Rating: 4.17 out of 5 Stars (18 Reviews)
  • Certification: CertClean
Immersion Botanica Rosemary & Lavender Cleansing Oil

Leaves your skin prefectly hydrated!

I had never tried a facial cleansing oil before and I was sceptical. After trying this Rosemary and Lavender Cleansing Oil, I will never go back to commercial face wash products. It smells great, feels amazing and leaves your skin perfectly hydrated! Not too oily and not too dry. I love it.


Gentle but effective!

I use this as an everyday cleanser before bed. It is gentle but effective in removing basic makeup and cleansing my skin. It leaves my skin feeling clean and hydrated, unlike commercial products that left my sensitive skin feeling tight and red.


So soothing!

This is only thing I use on my skin after removing makeup before bed. It’s gentle and hydrating, and the scent is so soothing!


2. Lowen’s Natural Skincare – You Sure Clean Up Nice! – Face and Body Wash

  • Rating: Rated 4.82 out of 5 (11 Reviews)
  • Certification: CertClean
Lowen's You Sure Clean Up Nice! Face and Body Wash

My face feels smooth for hours!

Great face and body wash. I’m always skeptical of cleansers that claim they’re good enough for body and face but this one really is. I hate when face wash doesn’t rinse off well or body wash leaves too much residue. This one does the job without the feeling of gunk left on you. I also have pretty sensitive skin (especially on the face) and it felt good going on and rinsing off. Like other Lowen’s products it has a fun name


Highly recommended!

This product is another example of how well Lowen’s does texture. I love how smooth their products are. Although this product is meant as a face/body wash, I only tried it on my face. It didn’t quite lather the way I expected but I didn’t care because…smooth! Like other Lowen’s products I’ve tried, the scent is au naturale and barely there. No sneezing or skin irritations, which is a big plus in my world.


A great “everything” cream!

Nice scent and lathers well, face felt nice, not too dry after

Lauren S.

3. Good Karma Skincare – Lux 7 Four in One Face Cream

  • Rating: 5.00 out of 5 Stars (12 Reviews)
  • Certification: CertClean

Would definitely recommend!

This face cream has a quiet fresh smell.
I like the feel of it on my face.
It leaves my face feeling smooth for hours.
Love-Love this glorious product.

Cynthia A

Melts right in to my skin!

Really appreciate finding this product. I am cautious about what products I choose for health reasons. Good Karma four in one face cream has given me the moisturizing results and healthy skin that I have been wanting for a long time. I recommend the product highly.


Great moisturizer!

When used after the G.K. Toner, this is a great “everything” cream. I use it morning and night all over my face for smooth, refreshing, and glowing skin. A really great product!



Rosemary isn’t just for cooking! Healthy living is important; consider integrating rosemary leaf extract into your lifestyle as it can benefit you inside and out. Give us some feedback and let us know the products you’ve used and how it worked for you!

Say YES To The Miracles Of Argan Oil

Say YES To The Miracles Of Argan Oil

 You may have heard about argan oil, especially if you’re one to prefer natural skincare products. On beauty and personal care labels, you’ll see the ingredient labelled like this: Argania Spinosa (Argan) kernel oil.

The Miracle Oil of Nature

Argan oil: a rich, cold-pressed oil that is harnessed from the fruit kernel of the Moroccan Argan tree. It has many uses in cosmetics, working wonders for dry or aged skin, damaged hair or fragile nails. Regularly using argan oil for moisturizing your skin can reduce the amount of sebum, naturally suppressing oiliness and acne. That being said, it also helps keep your insides healthy! The edible version of hand pressed oil is a good antioxidant, it has hepatoprotective properties that can protect the liver and it can also prevent spikes in blood sugar levels.

If you don’t yet own products with argan oil, consider adding one of the following products in your skincare collection!


1.Immersion Botanica – Jojoba & Sea Buckthorn Facial Nutrient Serum

Replenish important skin nutrients with these oils rich in antioxidants, photo protective, regenerating vitamins A, B, C, E, and omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids.

  • Rating: 4.41 out of 5 Stars (17 Reviews)
  • Certification: CertClean
Immersion Botanica Hydrating Geranium Mist

My skin feels moist all day!

I use this serum every day. My acne has cleared up and my skin feels moist all day.

Tammy H.

Can’t live without!

This is one product I can’t live without!! It is super moisturizing without leaving my sensitive skin oily or greasy. Would highly recommend!


A little goes a long way!

I love how this product works on my skin. I pair it with the Fruit & Grains Facial Cleanser and I really like how it doesn’t leave my face oily–if I use the right amount! Honestly a little goes a long way so don’t use too much!


2. BEE23 Natural Beauty – Heroine Hotty Balm

The natural ingredients in the moisturizer balm are completely kind and gentle to even the most sensitive skin and, together, provide a great end result.

  • Rating: Rated 4.79 out of 5 (14 Reviews)
  • Certification: CertClean
BEE23 Natural Beauty Heroine Hotty Balm

It makes my sking so soft and smooth!

I love to put this on anytime of day, it is not greasy or oily, and absorbs into the skin quickly! It makes my skin so soft and smooth! I use it every day.


My all-time favorite!

This is my all-time favorite moisturizer. I used to use coconut oil until I discover this. Heroin Hottie Balm absorbs much quicker and actually plumps my skin a little. I love it! Recommend it to anyone.

Lee-Anne H.

Without a doubt the BEST!

I have tried dozens of moisturizers over many years. Heroine is without a doubt the BEST product I have come across. Eliminates that dried out feeling after, after washing your face.

Lynn M.

3. Helena Lane Skincare – Argan & Neroli Moisturizer

Deeply nourishes dry, dull skin to reveal a luminous and radiant aspect of rejuvenated skin.

  • Rating: 4.29 out of 5 Stars (31 Reviews)
  • Certification: CertClean
Helena Lane Skincare Lavender & White Willow Mask and Exfoliant

Would definitely recommend!

I loved this product! A little goes a long way. The moisturizer left my skin soft and smelled delicious! I would definitely recommend this moisturizer for people with dry skin.


Melts right in to my skin!

Melts right in to my skin! I feel so hydrated, love this moisturizer!


Great moisturizer!

Such a great moisturizer! It was smooth, absorbed wonderfully, and the smell is super. I love all of Helena’s skincare, but this one is extra special for me!



Argan oil skincare products are very easy to incorporate into your morning and evening beauty routine. Do you already use products with argan oil? Let us know about the wonders you’ve noticed since using them!