Achieve a natural makeup look with natural MarieNatie products

Makeup Must Haves 2018's Best Eyeliner
Makeup Must Haves 2018's Best Eyeliner

How amazing would it be if you could achieve an effortless, subtle and natural looking makeup look with just a few products that are all natural and organic!

We put together some products from MarieNatie that you could add to your makeup routine to achieve the look without having to worry about craploads of chemicals in your products. These products are CertClean Certified, which means they are free from 1400+ harmful chemicals.

Step 1.

Pressed Foundation: Available in different shades, this product will give you a silky and flawless finish. It has great coverage and protects your skin with SPF 10.

Step 2.

Mineral Blush: Leaves a natural blush like tint on your face.

Step 3:

Eyeliner: Super long-lasting and does not leave a chalky/ flaky finish.

Step 4:

Mascara: It will not only condition your lashes but lengthen and thicken them with every stroke. And known as industry’s top 3 mascara.

Step 5:

Lipstick:  This product, amongst the top 3 lipsticks in the industry, has a very creamy formula and it doesn’t leave your lips feeling dry and/or chapped.

Lip Gloss:  This lipgloss was a winner in the 2017’s Clean Beauty Awards, and is a contender to win again in 2018 – it is known for its texture and pigment.

And there you go!

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