6 Reasons to Ditch Your Drugstore Body Wash

Unlike body butters and balms, body washes do not linger on our bodies all that much. However, consider that your pores are a little bit bigger when you’re in a hot shower! And, consider that our wastewater treatment plants do not filter chemicals from our personal care products, these ingredients end up in our drinking water. So let’s use only the good stuff!

These 12 body washes entered in this year’s Clean Beauty Awards are made from all natural products that you won’t worry about getting into your pores. Scroll through the entries to see the best in natural body washes!

1.Ellie Bianca – Ellie Bianca Naked Bath Salts


Treat yourself to a moment of pure, nourishing relaxation and gentle renewal. Naturally.

2.Moor Spa – Herbal Bath

The famous Moor Herbal Bath is one of nature’s truly luxurious treats. The water-soluble nutrients in the Moor create a soothing and purifying effect for the whole body. Take a Moor bath for a relaxing, reinvigorating bathing experience.

3.T•LANGHANS – Liquid Castile – House Blend


T•L bars in a bottle, our liquid soap provides the same cleansing, moisturizing and healing properties as our popular boxed soaps.

4.Standing Stone Wellness – Sugar’n’Shea Body Polish


Sugar’n’Honey sugar scrub features certified organic & fair trade natural cane sugar which gently exfoliates rough dry skin to reveal silky smooth skin underneath.

5.Ginger Michelle Apothecary – Whisper Jun Kombucha Soap


Handcrafted Naturally Saponified Soap, Made In Small Batches Using A Homemade Jun Kombucha To Replace Water.

6.Honey & Sage Co. – Nopal + Silk Coconut Milk Bath + Soak


Nopal + Silk Coconut Milk Bath + Mask will be your favourite multi-functional beauty product. One customer said “ I SWEAR it’s helped with my deep forehead wrinkles! They’re not as deep, and that’s all I’ve changed!”

Conclusion: Which of these all natural body washes are you going to switch to? Let us know in the comments below which ones you like best!

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