3 Arrowroot Skincare Products You Can’t Pass Up

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Arrowroot: the great moisture-absorbing ingredient

You may not have heard of arrowroot yet, but you will soon become familiar with the ingredient and its benefits. This herb is often listed as Maranta Arundinacea (Arrowroot) Root Powder on skincare product labels. Often used as a substitute for gluten in a variety of recipes, when used in cosmetics, arrowroot has moisture absorbing features that allow active ingredients to enter the first layers of our skin. This is why we also see arrowroot used in body powders which leave the skin soft and silky. It’s worth mentioning that many products that help with skin conditions like blisters, burns, and scabs incorporate arrowroot. Below, we’ve compiled a list of products containing arrowroot that PurPicks users can’t get enough of.

3 Skincare Products People are Raving About 

1. Bee Real – Deodorant

Body Deodorant

An excellent deodorant that keeps the smell at bay, and lets you feel confident when in stressful or active situations!!

  • Rating: 5.00 out of 5 Stars (20 Reviews)
  • Certification: CertClean
Bee Real Deodorant

Best I have used!

I switched to natural deodorants a few years ago in an effort to eliminate toxins from my body products. Bee Real deodorant is by far the best I have used.

Debora A. L

Goes on smoothly!

I have been using this product for years. It is the best natural deodorant I have found that actually works, goes on smoothly, and smells nice. I recommend it to lots of patients.

Dr. Alanna K

Lasts all day!

I wasn’t a fan of natural products until I started to use Bee Real products. My favourite is the Vanilla scent. Lasts all day no matter what activity you are doing.

Janice H

2. Always Bearded – Beard Cream Bergamot & Ylang with Distilled Cedarwood

Beard Cream, Men

This leave-in conditioning cream is a great alternative to beard oil, instead providing a non-oily matte finish.

  • Rating: 3.44 out of 5 Stars (9 Reviews)
  • Certification: CertClean
Always Bearded - Begamot & Ylang with Distilled Cedarwood

Does the job!

My hubby tried this product, and while he doesn’t have a beard, he’s used to using natural products which are often great on his skin but way too greasy for his liking. He was happy to report that this cream does the job without being super slippery



I can indeed recommend this cream, the smell alone is great. The cream is not too greasy, and easily applied to the beard and facial skin. Sometimes beard oil is too much, this cream you can rub between your palms and apply just enough!

David W

Really Moisturizing

My beard and neck area are always very dry. After using this beard cream, it really moisturized my beard and neck and made it feel very smooth. However after a while due to my eczema, my neck felt very irritated.


3. Neitra Body Botanicals – Deodorant

Body Deodorant

Honestly, this could be the best deodorant you’ve ever had.

  • Rating: 4.58 out of 5 Stars (33 Reviews)
  • Certification: CertClean
neitra deodorant

Really works!

Finally a natural deodorant that really works! Wonderful scents, I’d recommend it to anyone.


Heaven in a jar!

Can’t even think of enough good to say. This deo is the balm!!!! Lasts the entire day, no matter what you do. Heaven in a jar and ohhhhhh so much better for your body!


Smells great!

OMG! A natural deodorant that smells great and actually works.
I’ve only ever used the deodorant salt before and it did not work so i thought I would be stuck using conventional deodorants for life.


Let us know what you think of arrowroot!

The benefits of using products with arrowroot often speak for themselves, as seen in the positive reviews from people who use products that highlight the ingredient. Have you used any of the products mentioned? Let us know what you think by leaving a review – we’d love to hear from you!

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