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Birch Babe - Shampoo And Body Bar

I love the Rosemary and Spearmint shampoo bar! It’s so sudsy even for my very thick and long hair. Very impressive product.

- Lorena - January 17, 2020

Tension Balm

This does wonders on my neck and shoulders. I am very tense and this alleviates without being too strong smelling and overwhelming.

- Sarah - January 13, 2020
Contour Cream-Certclean

Contour Cream

Moor Spa has a way of making it's products different and exotic. The contour cream is light and natural. I haven't seen a huge difference in my contour area but it makes my skin feel great and I continue to use it knowing it's helping a little each time.

- Sarah - January 13, 2020

Body Lotion

I like this lotion for everyday use. It is moisturizing but not super thick. It has a smell to it that is unusual yet smells more natural than a perfumed lotion. I tend to have dry skin and the lotion smooths on nicely and absorbs in my skin quickly.

- SARAH Rathsack - January 13, 2020