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Lowen's Vegan Vaporub

Vegan Vaporub

This arrived at the perfect time, as our family developed a winter chesty cough. While I'm used to applying stronger essential oils as my respiratory support, I found the Vegan Vaporub was great to use for the whole family. And a million points for developing a natural vapour rub product to give (toxic) Vicks a run for their money!

- ShannonDunn - October 13, 2019
Lowens's Bubble Paste

Bubble Paste

While the Bubble Paste didn't bubble up as some others may do, I find that's often the case with natural products. I used it for my kids' bath and they didn't seem to mind bubbles weren't under their chins 🙂 Perhaps not for those who are non-negotiable when it comes to lots of bubbles.

- ShannonDunn - October 13, 2019
Lowen's - Swamp Thing Clay Mask

Lowen's - Swamp Thing Clay Mask

I loved how this mask applied, felt on the skin and how my skin felt and looked afterwards. Don't be alarmed if your skin is red after you rinse it off - it simply means the clay is doing its job, helping with blood circulation and absorbing impurities. It would be amazing if the phenoxyethanol was replaced with a more natural preservative. However, on the whole, it's a really lovely product that does produce results.

- ShannonDunn - October 13, 2019
Lowen's In Yo Face Vegan BB Cream

In Yo Face! Vegan BB Cream

You only need a teeny bit (especially after serum). Applies well (if you use just a tiny bit- which makes it stretch further too - bonus). Makeup goes well over it too 🙂 It wasn't as good a fit for my skin type - found it was a bit thicker, but it feels super nice 🙂

- DrChelseaND - October 5, 2019