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BEE23 Natural Beauty – Mango Mornings Hotty Body Balm

Mango Mornings was like heaven on my skin. It absorbed into my skin like rain on the desert and lasted until the next morning. It’s great in the morning or anytime.

Kelli  Aug

Nelly Devuyst Bio-organic - Cleansing Milk Biotense

Nelly Devuyst Bio-organic – Cleansing Milk 

Loving this cleanser!! It doesn’t feel greasy like other milk, smells great, feels amazing…

Lydia.  Aug 10

Moisturizing Cream

Nena Skincare – Moisturizing Cream

I just got this cream, and have been using it in summer heat. It’s nice and light, absorbs really well and doesn’t leave me sticky (so important!!)

Jean –  Aug 07

Nena - Clay Mask

Nena – Clay Mask

The first time I have used this clay mask, I was amazed on how it tightened my skin and dried up my pimples over night! Highly recommended!

Lyn  Aug 03

Carina Organics – Sweet Pea Shampoo

This has GOT to be my favourite shampoo of all time. I swear by this religiously now. I was introduced to Carina Organics by my friend and since then, my hair has gone through an amazing transformation. I used to have oily, flaky and dead looking hair. Now, after using Carina Organics for more than a year, I can proudly say that my hair is thick, shiny and most of all, HEALTHY. Gone are the days of excess oiliness – say hello to healthy & natural!!!

Elaine –  Aug 02