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Brand: WITH MY

WITH MY toothpaste is made with YOU in mind. NO paraben, NO SLS, NO triclosan, NO microbead, NO color additives, NO fluoride…basically, NO Yucky stuff! What it DOES have are a whole lot of natural ingredients (making it perfect for adults, children, and pregnant mothers alike!) such as: kaolinite (kaolin clay), xylitol (don’t use it on dogs!), stevioside, coconut derived foaming agent, green tea extract, menthol, baking soda, organic rosemary extract, organic calendula extract, and more!

WITH MY toothpaste is made with OTHERS in mind. Each time you brush WITH MY toothpaste, not only are you doing good for yourself, but you are doing good for others! With each purchase, 10% of the proceeds are donated towards life’s essentials (water, education) of those in need!