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HARMONY + BLOSSOM Botanical Skincare – Jasmine & White Tea Facial Nectar

Huge difference in skin texture. Maybe it has been two weeks….maybe a little less and I already (and so does my husband) notice a tremendous difference in skin texture. Fantastic serum!

Abbie –  Sep 18

Zorah – c-nature – anti-aging complex

I love this product!
I have been using it for about three months now, and can see a real difference in the texture of my skin. I’m so happy to have found an ethical, natural and Canadian skin care product line that works! Thank you!

Alexis T. Sep 17

JustBirch – Hair Revitalizer

My daughter had really tangly hair and it was difficult to manage it until i got this product. It was so strange to see something working instantly with such an effect, hair was smooth and finaly frizz free. Thank you JustBirch.

Tinka –  Sep 12

Nena - Clay Mask

Nena – Clay Mask

Surprised how well this clay mask worked for me. It effectively cleared up my pores after one use and didn’t take long to dry. My skin feels a lot softer and cleaner! As it dries up, it does make a bit of a mess so you have to be a bit careful.

Vivian  Sep

MarieNatie – Eyeliner

This will easily become your new favourite liner. I won’t go back to a chemical filled one! This goes on smooth, has lasting pigment and washes off easily. Amazing!

jacienik  Sep 06


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