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Shea Butter Market – Just Shea

Hydrating but slightly starchy. Could be formulated so it’s easier to apply.

Rosalie –  March 16

BOYZZ Only – Hair + Body Wash

Love it! We all use this hair and body wash. It’s soft on the skin and doesn’t leave your scalp dry or itchy. Gives a good lather and has a nice smell for a scent free product.

Joan C  March 16

Helena Lane Skincare – Argan & Frankincense Oil

I have dry skin that is prone to dry patches, especially in the winter, and I this serum has been great to use as a facial moisturizer. A small amount goes a long way so a bottle will last you a long time!

gillian.michelle.thomas  March 13

Helena Lane Skincare – Lavender & White Willow Mask and Exfoliant

I loved this product! You can use it as either a very gentle exfoliant (which is so nice because it doesn’t scratch your skin at all) or you can leave it on your face and let it harden into a face mask. After using it my face felt clean and hydrated. I would totally recommend this product.


neitra deodorant

Neitra Body Botanicals – Deodorant

This deodorant is fantastic! I tend to only wear deodorant for really stressful situations as I try to avoid as many chemicals on my body as possible. This one not only worked well but is made with natural ingredients! I love the fact that you can also customize your own scent! I didn’t find the scent overbearing at all and actually found it refreshing and calming.

Nina  March 12

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